Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Thirsty Vampires use the Blood Bank

If you know me at all by now you will know that I love to play dress up... In my time in SL, almost 9 years of it would you believe, I've been and done a lot of things... I started as a stripper, I lived life as a vampire, a fairy and countless other magical beings before falling upon the way I am now - a living dead girl - but it's always fun to dress in something that you might not ever normally wear when it comes to taking pictures... This outfit is one of those things! 
I also decided to go to a place I've never had anything to do with before... The Bloodlines thing was such a craze at one time that everyone and their aunty was a vampire - it's why the gradual change into a living dead girl happened with me lol I wanted to be something different! However, I made a look and thought "hmmm where might a thirsty vampire go for an easy meal?" LOL...
I know NOTHING about bloodlines - apart from the fact that it gets a little annoying if someone strange asks to bite you, just an f.y.i if you're a hungry vampire and you want to suck my blood make it feel realistic, don't ask, jump me like a real vampire would LOL... 
It was the outfit however that pulled me into a vampire-ish mood today, not that it takes much to get me to do something blood related hehe... The outfit is a new ImmateriA release for a new event I've never heard anything about called Fair Play, but it includes everything I'm wearing here - dress, massive shoulder pads and the hood, which would always get my attention as it's more than a little Maleficent... 
The skin is underworld themed too... If you're looking for Vampire stuff, a great place to go to is this month's Genre as it's an Underworld theme... This skin is one of the new skin releases from Stargazer Creations, and it helps to maintain the fact that I feel Aggie is one of the best fantasy skin makers in SL... Her skins as always come with a million different things - OK maybe not a million but the box is stuffed full - and it includes eyes, appliers, with and without cleavage options - it's brilliant!! Though I will admit in this case I am not wearing the eyes that come in the box, I chose to wear an amazing pair of antielle eyes that you can win by collecting the gold coins at Origami
So if you're a thirsty vampire, maybe you want to try Bloodlines, or if you're looking for vampire fashions maybe you want to try ImmateriA and Genre?! Whatever happens, don't wait too long before you get that drink, thirsty vampires are dangerous beings... 

What is she wearing;
Skin: [Stargazer Creations] - Kindred Avatar (Available Now at GENRE
Eyes: antielle - Onryou Yuurei (Available Now at Origami
Outfit including Hood: ImmateriA - Vampire Crusades (Available Now at Fair Play
Pose: Signature Pose - Shawna 

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