Saturday, April 30, 2016

Rudh's Flying Circus

Sometimes the dreams I dream have an effect on the things I take photos of... Last night I had a dream about a somewhat angellic flying circus... I don't know why, I don't really even like the circus because I don't like clowns, but there I was on a trapeze! 
So this morning, here I am, on a trapeze LOL... 
The trapeze was a recent blogger item delivery from Lewd, that was perhaps on my mind as I remembered just before bed that I needed to share it hehe... These are fun toys to play on, and much like the swings I mentioned in a post before these have lots of pose options, they swing AND come in three different metal colours with white or black ropes!! Of course in a circus you need pretty and fun things too, that's where my magical CarnivalRide - from !dM deviousMind - come in... 
My outfit played a big part in creating the Rudh Flying Circus too... The bodysuit this trapeze artist Rudh wears is one from MoDANNA called Maree, and that was the only thing she did wear, with the exception of her necklace. 
The necklace is an item that I was sent to blog, and I will admit it got a little lost in the chaos that is my hoard... I am annoyed at myself for losing it for so long and it won't be happening again, BUT you can still get your hands on this pretty Pentacle Pendant from Lassitude & Ennui at We <3 RP. The event closes sometime today, but I hope that you will be able to find this pretty necklace in the mainstore in the next few days too! I also know that YES you cannot really see it in the photo above, so I was a smart Rudh... CLOSE-UP! 

What is she wearing;
Hair: TRUTH - Arabella in Reds 
Skin: Glam Affair - Seya in Europa 2 
Tattoo: [White Widow] - Chocolat in Black 
Necklace: lassitude & ennui - Pentacle Pendant (Available until April 30th at We <3 RP
Bodysuit: MoDANNA - Maree Collection Bodysuit in Blue 
Seat: Lewd - Trapeze! in Black 
Horses: !dM deviousMind - CarnivalRide 
Close-Up Pose: Image Essentials  - Feminine Touch 1 (Available until April 30th at 100 Block)

Friday, April 29, 2016

Dreaming of Slaying Alarm Clocks!

Waking up this morning, realising it´s Friday and that I have to work after two lovely days off is just BLEH! I know I shouldn't complain I mean I just had two lovely days off LOL, but I'm British, it's what we do... 
In my sleep filled haze, I flopped back on my bed and refused to pay any attention to the alarm clock screaming at me - until HellBone told me off - and I realised that it wasn't very attractive or glamorous... Rudh would have done it better, Rudh would have been more able to pull of the graceful Disney Princess flop back onto a bed... 
See... and she does it in a ballgown!! Not just any gown, a gown fit for a princess, made by the designers of the Apple May Designs brand - an Ivanka Gown in a gorgeous Royal Blue! 
I'm not sure what time of day it is for the sleepy princess Rudh, but there is a heck of a lot of dust in her room... The candles are causing the dust particles to glitter, giving her more of that Disney Princess effect LOL... She's even lucky in her choice of candle lighting tools! I mean the little Fairie Dragons are just Hextraordinary - hehe see what I did there!!! 
To finish though, I have to say, I don't need to look like this, I don't need to be a Disney Princess BUT I'd love to just be able to go back to bed LOL... Who needs work?! 

What is she wearing;
Hair: Magika - Fool for Love 
Skin: Glam Affair - Seya in Europa 2 
Tattoo: [White Widow] - Chocolat in Black 
Dress: Apple May Designs - Ivanka Gown in Royal Blue 
Dragons: Hextraordinary - Fairie Dragons 
Bedroom Furniture (including Bed, Dress & Screen): Pillows - Locked Away Gacha Items 

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Swings on the day of a King

It's Koningsdag (King's Day) here in Holland... The whole country is out celebrating... Parties, Free Markets and craziness are popping up all over the country, bringing people together even though in the past few days it's been very cold and wet. Though the sun is shining here today - maybe the Dutch are lucky as a nation?! 
It's given me a lovely day off... I went to a free market and bought a few little things, and now I am spending some time relaxing and working on my favourite hobby... BLOGGING!!! 
I spent a lovely few hours today sitting on a brand new toy at my playhouse treehouse... Lewd made lovely, flower decorated rope swings that they have called "Sweet Seats". These are available at the latest round of Cosmpolitan, so be quick as they won't be there for long!! 
Wearing my new Mila Dungarees and Sweater outfit - from Kitja, it was so much fun to just sit here and swing for a while, watching the fairies flit in and out of the trees as they went about their work... 
What a great way to spend a very cold April day?! 

What is she wearing;
Hair: Spellbound - Wolves in Chapter II: Sky 
Skin: Glam Affair - Seya in Europa 2 
Top: KITJA - Mila Sweatshirt in Black (Available until May 10th at Kustom9
Shorts: KITJA - Mila Dunagrees in Blue (Available until May 10th at Kustom9
Shoes: Essenz - Tijuana in Black 
Swing: Lewd - Sweet Seat Rope Swing (Available until May 7th at Cosmopolitan

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

The woe of a classic novel Heroine

The last few days, on top of already working insanely hard and generally wearing myself out, haven't been easy... When your PC has issues it's like cutting off a lifeline, at least it is in my case, it left me feeling bereft and mopy until we were able to somehow magic it so it seemed more fixed than it had been before! Therefore I haven't been in the best of moods for the past few days, and when you add to that extra drama... Ugh a girl is about ready to explode!! 
Luckily, Rudh had been dressed for the part and took a walk like something out of one of the classic novels - a heroine in times of sadness, maybe like Cathy of Wuthering Heights...
OK so she is a modern-ish Cathy of Wuthering Heights, and I didn't mean that she actually was, it was just to give you the idea LOL... The walk at Winter Moon made me feel every bit the classic novel heroine!! 
It was in fact the dress that made me feel this way, more than the location... The dress is one from adoness, called Lily Lavinia, that has been created for this round of GENRE, which has a Belle Epoque theme for the month. It felt perfect, when I added her little Jian Shibe, and gave her that air of royalty perhaps?! 
Ugh, enough with the woe though, things can only get better from the bottom right?! 

What is she wearing;
Hair: TRUTH - Kyra in Reds RARE (Available until May 5th at The Epiphany
Skin: Glam Affair - Seya in Europa 2 
Tattoo: [White Widow] - Chocolat in Black 
Choker: KIBITZ - Elix Jewellry in Silver 
Dress: adoness - Lily Lavinia Gown in Iris (Available until May 2nd at GENRE
Dog: JIAN - Silly Shibes in Held Pup Sable (Available until May 5th at The Epiphany
Pose: Image Essentials - Feminine Touch 6 (Available until April 30th at 100 Block

Monday, April 25, 2016

A walk in a Dream

Computer issues become nightmares in the blink of an eye for me these days... This weekend was a doozy of a nightmare too. I'd had all these well laid out plans of things I needed to do photography wise, and work wise, and all that came stumbling to a massive halt because my PC decided that it would have a "Computer Says No!" day. It went bad, then Hell made it worse, and when we thought that it was better again, it still decided that I wasn't allowed to do what I wanted! It was so frustrating, and I warn you now that I may disappear for a few days while I totally reformat my PC...
Still for now I am going to think about other things or I will become grumpy again... Yesterday was not a good day for me... Last night, while I slept though was much better!
I actually got a really good nights sleep, which seems to be unusual at the moment... It's cold here at the moment, but I pulled on a second blanket - one that was made by my grandmother - and had some lovely dreams... A bit like the one that Rudh wandered into...
She took a walk at the beautiful location of Netherwood, but the most captivating part of her dream is her amazing dress... The dress is a new release from Petite Mort for this months Trés Chic, and the designs all feature this twilight scene in varying levels of twilight. I chose to wear the Sunset version but there are a range of others in different night-time tones...
Such a pretty dress, such a beautiful location, it took my nightmare day into a pretty walk through somewhere that feels like a comforting dream...

What is she wearing;
Hair: TRUTH - Celeste
Skin: Glam Affair - Seya in Europa 2
Necklace: Earthstones - Precious Moments Locket in Mother of Pearl
Dress: Petite Mort - Nomia Dress in Sunset (Available until May 10th at Trés Chic)
Pose: Image Essentials - Body Line 4

Friday, April 22, 2016

A Bath in Beans!

After all that stickiness yesterday, it's time for my annual bath...
I try to spice things up a little... A bath with a difference every time... This year it's BEANS!!! Well Bangers and Beans to be precise!
Ahhhhhh what a lovely day for a bath!!!
Of course, I had to take some safety measures into account before I slipped into a kiddy pool full of Bangers and Beans - an age old release from Concrete Flowers, which is unfortunately no longer available!
Firstly, for safety of course, I had to wear a pair of Floaties - you might know them more as Water Wings - but luckily Lewd recently released a pair that worked perfectly!! I also had to wear a bikini and I chose one from Blueberry - not for the purposes of being PG of course, because ya know I don't always do things that are PG lol - but there was a rather naughty sausage floating a little precariously close!! Safety first people!!
One more thing to make sure people are aware of though is... If you're bathing in beans, do it outside... No one wants a Tomato Sauce Mess all over their home! LOL...

What is she wearing;
Hair: TRUTH - Wren in Reds
Skin: Glam Affair - Seya in Europa 2
Nose Ring: (Yummy) - Skull Collection Septum in Silver
Tattoo: [White Widow] - Chocolat in Black
Necklace: No Longer Available!
Floaties: Lewd - Arm Floaties in Tintable
Bikini: Blueberry - Tyrkini in Yellow
Pool: CONCRETE FLOWERS - COOL BEAN POOL (No Longer Available!)

Thursday, April 21, 2016

Sticky Fingers!

I feel like doing something a little naughty again today... Something that may be more of an Adult thing rather than cute and sweet and flowery like I have been doing... Taking pictures is such a passion and I LOVE that I can mix things up, some dark, some light, some hot and some sweet... Today is definitely of the non-PG variety... I was tired of decorating and decided to just relax on the sofa for a few minutes, and well as you may have experienced in the past, one thing lead to another... 
In my case, the decorating lead to me giving the house a proper house warming, after I dumped my bag and opened my new pack of candies from The Horror! - which you can purchase at ROMP now by the way - I couldn't help but get a little hot and bothered... There was just something about the things I had on that new tray, and I guess well, it didn't help with all the things I had in my ATOMIC Backpack either. 
It's a little bit naughty... But a girl needs a good B.O.B - even if it's candy - but I warn you candy B.O.Bs create a sticky mess LOL... 

What is she wearing; 
Hair: TRUTH - Kora (Available until May 5th at The Epiphany
Skin: Glam Affair - Seya in Europa 2 
Collar: The Horror! - Princessa Collar in Black (Available until April 29th at ROMP
Tattoo: [White Widow] - Chocolat in Black 
Pose: Signature Pose - Old Pine - Set 12 (Available until April 30th at The 100 Block
Sofa: Trompe Loeil - Alexi Chase Lounge Punk Loaded 
Bag: ATOMIC - Backpack for Bad Girls 
Panties: CHEZ MOI - Slippers and Panties 
Tray: The Horror! - Sweets Kit in Bubblegum (Available until April 29th at ROMP
Flag: The Horror! - Sass Posters in Anti-Social Social Club