Sunday, September 27, 2020

The Shadows Made Me Do It!

Nightmares play a big part of things in the Halloween season, and I'm totally open to most of the Nightmare feelings out there that involved... At least when it comes to monsters and things that go bump in the night, those psychological nightmares are HORRIBLE no matter when you have them! Monsters though BRING IT ON - so long as it's not alien! - The monsters in the shadows cause chaos and bloodshed and it's a wonderful time of year!

Last night sweet innocent little Rudh had just finished her ballet class, when things became a little bit of a Tragic Ballet - it's the gacha collection from 1313 Mockingbird Lane for Salem and this set is AMAZING... I am so in love with the blade ballet shoes! - as the shadows in her room whispered into her ear and persuaded her to remove the Prima Ballerina from the show, so she could be lead dancer! 
Those evil Gdanagla - released from Lilith's Den at Necrosis - were convincing enough that she cut up the other girl, stuffing her in a trunk and carving out parts for it's collection!

What is she wearing; 
Hair: Lamb - Baddie in Reds
Skin: amara beauty - Freya in Ivory 
Jaw: ContraptioN - Scrap Crusher Jaw in Blood 
Outfit: 1313 Mockingbird Lane - Tragic Ballet Gacha Items (Available until October 31st at Salem)
Teddy: YOKAI - Nightmare Plush Teddies in Teddy Daemon RARE 
Pose: FOXCITY - Ground Sits VOL1, Pose 5 
Monster & Shadows: Lillith's Den - Gdanagla (Available until October 11th at Necrosis
Bed: Violetility - Scrap Bed (Available until October 19th at The Warehouse Sale
Books & Heart: [nefarious.inventions] - Turn and Cough Gacha Items (No Longer Available!)
Bucket: UNICORN Store - Blood Bucket (No Longer Available!) 
Saw: [ContraptioN] - Personal Amputation Saw
Box: SEUL - Grandma's Stash
Backdrop: Ex Machina - Welcome Home 

Saturday, September 26, 2020

Necrotic Horror Clowns!

In the woods, deep in the woods, there's some crazy loud noises of what sounds like people setting up for an event... A circus tent has appeared and the noises sound like rehearsals starting... There's flashes of colour, and jingling noises and laughter... OOOOH, CLOWNS!!! 

Necrosis is celebrating the Necrotic Horror Picture Show and well, the clowns like a little party and love the Necrosis Party... They've even adopted a new sister... They found a wannabe clown - Rudh!! 
The Remarkable Oblivion Circus Rot found Rudh and made her their sister... Dressing her in a Stardust Harness - from Psycho Barbie at NECROSIS - and then opening the Build a Clown Make Up Kit - from Spookshow also at Necrosis - that comes in a HUGE range of products including shadows, clown markings and noses! 

What is she wearing; 
Hair: Olive - the Evie Hair 
Clown Make-Up: Spookshow - Build A Clown Make Up Items featuring Clown Face Kit, Clown Nose, Clowning Brows, Screwball Shadows & Little Clown Markings (Available until October 11th at Necrosis
Eyebrow Hider: Izzie's - BOM Eyebrow Concealer 
Harness: Psycho Barbie - Stardust Harness (Available until October 11th at Necrosis
Pasties: Mug - Aimee Top Pasties 
Pose: Zombie Suicide - About Me, Pose 1 
Clowns & Circus Decor: Remarkable Oblivion - Circus Rot Gacha Items 
Backdrop: Adorably Strange Wares - The Little Red Backdrop 

Friday, September 25, 2020

Murder in the Office!!!

I've been at work for a few days now and things are getting a little crazy here in RL... Covid has taken over again and things are back in code red here, meaning that everything has quietened down and there's a lot less going on in my RL... It's driving me a little stir crazy with worry... 
So stir crazy that Rudh went to great lengths to get rid of some of her work stress... She even made sure that one of the problems was handled very delicately... 

I was always told if you cant fix something with a hammer, then duct tape works, and if you can't fix it with that then cutting up in a million pieces... What happened to start as a lunch date became a bit heated, somewhat erotic and finally things got annoying so she had to cut someone to pieces to get them to shut up... 
Least she looks gorgeous in her brand new MuggleBorn "Clio Lingerie", I just hope that the blood washes out and everything will be able to worn again! 

What is she wearing; 
Hair: Lamb - Glam in Red Pack 
Skin: amara beauty - Freya in Ivory 
Blood: Izzie's - Face & Body Blood & Wounds 
Knife: PaperDolls - Bloody Knife (No Longer Available!)
Choker: Sweet Thing - "It's Only a Neck Wound" Choker 
Necklace: DAZED - Everly Collar (No Longer Available!)
Lingerie & Garter: MuggleBorn - Clio Lingerie 
Butcher's Knife: Zombie Suicide - Butchers Knife 
Pose: FOXCITY - Surface, Pose 2 
Body: Boudoir - Covered Dead Body 1 
Backdrop: PALETO Backdrop - DEAD FILE (Available for use at Backdrop City

Sunday, September 20, 2020

Apple Invasion

 Yesterday I went to pick out my first of many pumpkins for the Halloween Season in SL... I'm going to admit that it won't be my last either, but today I decided to take some time out in my own little garden with the help of one of my many many puppies and harvest some of my apples before the wind blows them all off the trees... 

So whilst I'm happily picking apples so that I can turn some into pie, and others into cider, I decided that they looked SO DELICIOUS that I had to have one to taste... Don't you just hate it when you pick an apple, take a bite and it's occupied... UGH there was a worm in my apple!!! 
The Apple is actually a current group gift from FIKA called "Bite an Apple", so the pretty JIAN Hillside Orchard on my land cannot be blamed hehe... 

What is she wearing; 
Hair: Wasabi - Zuiker Mesh Hair in Fireworks 
Skin: amara beauty - Freya in Ivory 
Top: miss.chelsea - Bebe Top in Black
Jeans: 'M.BIRDIE - Lottie Look Gacha Items in Pants 5 (Available until October 10th at Kustom9
Apple: FIKA - Bite an Apple (Current Gift) 
Pose: Secret Poses - Adorable, Pose 2 (Available until September 30th at eBento
Hand Basket: 8f8 - Granny's Winter Cottage Gacha Item in Apple Basket 
Dog: JIAN - Scruffy Shepherds in Companion Tan Black 
Apple Baskets: JIAN - Hillside Orchard in Apple Buckets 
Trees: JIAN - Hillside Orchard in Apple Tree 

Picking My First Pumpkin

 I KNOW it's not quiet October yet, but let's face it from now until about Mid November is Halloween Season. So I was second guessing, myself thinking it's WAY too early to think about Pumpkins, but what the hell was I thinking, it's NEVER too early!!! HALLOWEEN IS COMING!! 
So today I decided to go for the first of more than one trips to a pumpkin patch... It was time to start collecting pumpkins to carve... 

I'd been told about a cute little Pumpkin Patch at Fox Hollow, and we'd discussed taking the MC over to have a little field trip so I decided to check it out... Once I was there, what was the harm in checking out the pumpkins... I couldn't really leave without one, it would be SO RUDE! 
Luckily, I found the perfect Pumpkin for the start of my collection and picked it using my handy garden shears - a past group gift from astralia - and posed like the hero of the day to show off my amazing find to no one in particular LOL - thanks to this awesome pose from Extra which is available for the Saturday Sale this week! It should be a pose for a group of three people, but I couldn't find my mates to pose with so I'll add the poster below, but I LOVE that the poses can be use individually too! 

What is she wearing;
Hair: Wasabi - Addison Mesh Hair in #6 Reds (Available until September 30th at The Arcade )
Skin: amara beauty - Freya in Ivory
Top: Cosmic Dust - Underbewb Crop Top in Fall Exclusive (Available today for the Saturday Sale)
Clippers: Astralia - Gardening Time Shears (Past Group Gift)
Pants: Mug - Acid Jeans (Past Group Gift)
Pose & Prop: -Extra- - Pumpkin Party Pose, Pose 1 (Available today for the Saturday Sale) 

Friday, September 18, 2020

A Necrotic Horror Show is on it's way...

Two things that I LOVE very much are coming, they are getting closer and closer, and although the thought of things coming is giving me MASSIVE amounts of anxiety right now - as we still have MASSES of stuff to do for the Gators MC Maze - but aside from that Halloween is on it's way, AND, NECROSIS IS COMING!!! 
So I decided to get a jump on it and share one or two little things as a teaser... Get you excited by the Necrosis and it's Necrotic Horror Show... 

So while I'm setting up something a little Halloween feeling on my home space, to give myself a little bit of Halloween that I can hide in away from the craziness of the Gator Maze, I discovered that Infernal Alchemy have made some amazing goodies for the upcoming round of Necrosis such as the Antoinette's Demise Boudoir Set featuring this AMAZING Guillotine Lounger! It's the perfect bed for a little monster like me! It went so well with some of my older - but favourite - Halloween Decor from FAPPLE!
While on the subject of Necrosis though, LOOK AT THIS AMAZING TATTOO from GERMINAL that's also coming soon to the Necrosis event... It's the Highgate Tattoo and I LOVE the details of each part... The tops of the legs have the cemetery and the neck looks like the roots of a tree, and there is BATS all over hehe... It's a gorgeous tattoo!!
My little pet Snake seems happy with the new decor I'm setting out, and I'm happy with my new outfit too!!! I LOVE this Selina Outfit from 1313 Mockingbird Lane that is still available until September 30th at Whore Couture... 

What is she wearing;
Hat & Hair: Doe - Autumn Gacha Item in V1 No Leaves Colors A
Skin: amara beauty - Freya in Ivory
Black Tattoo: GERMINAL - HIGHGATE TATTOO (Available from September 25th at NECROSIS)
Snake: hive - My Pet Snake in Black (Available until October 10th at Kustom9)
Outfit: 1313 Mockingbird Lane - Selina Outfit (Available until September 30th at Whore Couture)
Pose: FOXCITY - Vibing, Pose 7
Bed: Infernal Alchemy - Antionette's Demise Bourdoir Set in Guillotine Lounger (Available from September 25th at NECROSIS)
Decor: FAPPLE - HS Halloween BDSM Furniture
Skull Candle: Construct - Skull and Candle
House: Trompe Loeil - Isadora Rustic Cottage 

Sunday, September 13, 2020

The Concoction of Potion

It's Sunday, and that means one thing... The week is about to start and I am REALLY not ready for it. I don't really want to have to be a grown up anymore, I'd like to go back to the carefree days, when I could just hide out in my bedroom as a teenager... 
Rudh has decided to do just that... Find a dark cosy corner where she can sit with a coffee, and maybe something yum, and cast one or two little spells!

As she sat in the cosy comfortable loft space she was surrounded by a collection of her pretty Witchy Witchcraft things - a set that I was super lucky to win from LEMME at the new round of Equal10. The Tarot Cards, a Crystal Ball and some trinkets to help me prep these adorable little bottles of potion for those in need. Armed with a Donut and a Cinnamon Dulce Coldbrew Coffee - from Reign - and a smoke to get her started, she sits still, calm... That is until the little Moonlight Foxes discovered her hiding place and all hell broke loose! Still, if I can get them calm down a little, I have the "Forgotten Skull" - a Happy Weekend release from FIKA by the way - that I need to for a 'forget your ex' potion... All I need is time to make it up... 

What is she wearing; 
Hair: Magika - Midnight 
Skin: amara beauty - Freya in Ivory 
Earrings: LEMME - Witchy, Witchcraft Starter Kit Gacha Items in MoonChild Earrings Black(Available until October 5th at Equal10
Top: Hilly Haalan - Ariyah T-Shirt 
Body Glitter: Ladybird - Body Glitter in Blush 
Shorts: #EMPIRE - Jeans Shorts 
Stockings: Psycho Barbie - Hex Stockings 
Boots: CULT - Bubble Bow Boots 
Pose: Secret Poses - Cigarro, Pose 3M (Available at Discount until September 13th for Happy Weekend) 
Witch Decor: LEMME - Witchy, Witchcraft Starter Kit Gacha Items (Available until October 5th at Equal10)
Skull: FIKA - Forgotten Skull in Silver (Available at Discount until September 13th for Happy Weekend) 
Foxes: MishMish - Moonlight Fox Deco in Gold 
Coffee: REIGN - Coffee Talk Cold Drew in Cinnamon Dulce  
Doughnuts:  REIGN - Baked Goods in Glaze Donut 
Sofa: Oubliette - Oracle Cushion Sofa 
Cushions: Oubliette - Star Pillows Gacha Items 
Chair: Oubliette - Witchy Chair RARE Gacha Item 
Books with Keys: Nutmeg - Books & Keys v1 
Chest: Nutmeg - Countryside Dream Wooden Chest 
Rug: Birdy - Boudoir Gacha Item in Rug Pink 
House: Trompe Loeil - Palmer Lodge (Current Free Gift)