Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Hogs and Carts for Horror Haute

Not everything in the latest line-up of Horror Haute, for their Simply the Best round, can be worn... Some things are best rezzed! I've noticed there is also a great deal of the goodies from this month which will be less useful for the male population of SL than the female...Though there is one booth at the event that is 100% Unisex, so boys this one will appeal to you...
I have to admit that I am also a little bit biased for this booth, as it is the one for Hogs and Cart Wheels - or H&C Wheels for short - that is owned by my hubby HellBone!
Hogs and Cart Wheels is a fairly new store to the Horror Haute line-up, and so they have had one vehicle which can participate until now. The VooDoo has been made available at it's original Horror Haute Price of 50L for the duration of the event, but the other cars are what HellBone wants to share with you now...
How do you fancy a MESH Ghostbusters vehicle for only 200L? This would normally be sold for 2000L, and it comes with all the things you'd hope to find in a Ghostbusters car with the exception of the Ghostbusters and the ghosts LOL... Another of his cars, the Wolfenstein, has been reduced to 100L until the end of the event, and there are a selection of bikes for only 50L each too...
These are PERFECT for guys or girls, and I promise you now if you have any issues I will personally make sure he fixes them for you hehe!!!

What's in the Photo;
Cars & Bike: Hogs & Cart Wheels - Vehicle Selection (Available Now at Horror Haute July)

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