Monday, July 20, 2015

Horror Haute was Simply the Best!

Today is the day... It's the last of the posts that I can share with you for this month's Horror Haute line-up... There are still TONS of things that I've not shown you, but then hey I cannot show you everything as that would possibly ruin a few surprises... You'll have to trust me when I say that these have been my favourites but there are so many things out there that you shouldn't miss!
I've made two simple pictures for this post, so that we ease you out gently and that way hopefully you won't get withdrawl symptoms LOL...
The first is a bit more showy than the second! It's possibly because there was a visit from the Day of the Dead partygoers lol... The head dress is a "Simply the Best" re-release from Lilith's Den for this month's Horror Haute theme, and I simply couldn't resist sharing this as my favourite for the store. I love the little skulls with those HUGE bright flowers - this really sums up Dia de los Muertos for me. I decided to wear the headdress simply, without hair, but with a new release from a store that's Horror Haute but this Sthenno Latex Bodysuit - from ImmateriA - is actually available at The Alchemy this month!
Then for the pose... I decided to use another item from the La Maison des Corbeaux's - LMdC for short - re-releases... This time it was Dia de los Muertos themed to match the outfit I'd chosen! The pouf style stools are a series called My Sugar Skull, each in a different colour with bright patterns over the top... Such a cute item to have in a house of an sugar skull girl!
The last of the Horror Haute Items I am going to share with you this month is the one above... The set of nails are the Dark Passions Koffin Nails in a Monster Movie Madness print... I love that they are printed with the original horror monsters of movies, and I will admit that though I photoshopped to be able to show you all of the designs, it would have been too tough to choose just one print to show you!!
So that's it, Horror Haute is officially open until the beginning of August, and then there will be lots more pretties to come from the new line-up! For now if you haven't checked out Simply the Best then you should, what are you waiting for?!

What is she wearing;
Head Dress & Mask: Lilith's Den - Dia De Los Muertos in Set E (Available Now at Horror Haute July)
Body Suit - ImmateriA - Sthenno Latex in Purple (Available Now at The Alchemy)
Nails: Dark Passions - Koffin Nails in Monster Movie Madness (Available Now at Horror Haute July)
Stool: LMdC - My Sugar Skull in Orange Crush (Available Now at Horror Haute July)

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