Sunday, July 31, 2011

I think I'm going insane

Today I did something that is so unlike the RL me that I swear I must have been channeling Rudh into RL. It feels like I am going slightly insane, things around me are crazy both in and out of world...
I quit my RL job today, it is a job that I have had for around three months now, and it was my first since I have been living in Holland (you might remember I posted about that before, if not here's the link!). Yet I was driven to the point of no return by a recent survey that suggested I was not cleaning to the same standards as the girls that have been recently trained by the new manager even though NO TRAINING has ever been offered to me since the new head of House-keeping took over a month ago. I had no idea that my work was not sufficient, and although the prices of the rooms has increased to 210 euros per night (that's around $300), there are still some disgusting maintenance issues that the hotel doesn't seem bothered to deal with. Things like broken switches, mouldy bathroom ceilings, windows that don't have proper ventilation... yet it was MY WORK THAT WAS BELOW STANDARD... Please, if I were the customer in that hotel I would be more put off by the stuff mentioned above, than worrying about things like whether the alarm clock had been set to the right time! So anyway, from somewhere I seemed to find the courage to walk into the hotel this morning, hand them my work supplied t-shirt and say "I decided to find work somewhere else, thanks but BYE BYE!", I must have been channeling Rudh, I wouldn't normally have been that ballsy in RL - I know that I have that in me but damn it rarely ever bubbles to the surface. I've always acted with Rudh as I act in RL, maybe with a little more confidence, but she's still me... It felt empowering to let out the more confident side of me into RL for a change, normally I will do things for a quiet life, but after this maybe it is time that I took more control?

Saturday, July 30, 2011

52 Weeks of Colour - WEEK 39!

This week's colour has some special significance for me, not so much the colour itself more the title of this week's colour... I promised a story, it's time for the back story... As with all good TV shows when there is a back story *cue the fading into the story with the blurry edges and gaze into the distance*...
Back, oh must be at least two years ago now, I was a regular at the SL club, Sanctuary Rock. At first I was shy, but after a while I got chatting to a number of the regulars, some of whom I am happy to say have stayed around, some I wave at from a distance and a fair few that are gone and forgotten. Yet it was in this place that I met my adopted big brother Zak (you might have seen me talk about him in a previous post!) During our many mammoth hang out sessions at the club, during which I seem to have logged in and just spent my time changing my outfit for different events - I knew my wardrobe pretty well back then hehe - Zak came up with a game that involved changing my name to different things, often resulting in him shouting random name concoctions at me across a busy dance floor. I do mean random too, things like Rude-Melt-In-The-Oven Lasagne - which I do believe he thinks he deserves a comedy award for - and within this list of random names he coined the nickname "RudeMelons", a name that kinda stuck with me for a while, even after I stopped going there... This one is for you Zakkieeeeeee... 
Week 39...
Week 39: Like something out of a weird anime porno?! But see RUDE MELON
What is she wearing; 
Hair: *BC322 - Dee-DOLLY (hair fair freebie)
Melon Dribble: CONCRETE FLOWERS - Liquid Paint Lips
Sweater: Paradisis - Sin (past group gift)
Fishnet Top: [ III ] - HOTT Mesh Jacket (re-coloured, store closed)
Pasties: *SqUeEzEd* - Duck Tape Pink
Panties: [KAYFO] - Watermelon Undies (only available on marketplace)
Backpack: CONCRETE FLOWERS: Watermelon backpack
Bat: [Pink Fuel] Watermelon Bat

*comes back to the present, still with her far off gaze and shakes her head* Oh well onto next week... Maybe it will be team up time, but Mayala and I seem to have missed the last one LOL... 
Next week -Apricot...

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Blog Hero... WEEK 2

As worried as I was about the colour challenge, hosted by Luna, coming to an end soon. I knew that there would be something, if not somethings, that would replace it and therefore give me something to test out my creative part of my brain... So far though today, brain + working = a kinda fizzing sound followed by a brain-dead facial expression! 
Shay has loaded up her second week lyrics, and this week is a good one! This song is a classic, and one that has been used in many good TV shows and movies, including an episode of my favourite series, Supernatural! 
I had an idea as soon as I saw what the song was this week, luckily I was able to rope Hell into this picture to create what I had in mind! He has so many avatars to choose from for this, it was like being a kid in a candy store! 
Week Two's song... Blue Oyster Cult - Don't Fear The Reaper...
"All our times have come
Here but now they're gone
Seasons don't fear the reaper
Nor do the wind, the sun or the rain..we can be like they are
Come on baby...don't fear the reaper
Baby take my hand...don't fear the reaper
We'll be able to fly...don't fear the reaper
Baby I'm your man..."

With the help of Hell, I was able to put this photo together... 
I don't fear the Reaper, lol, I even took him surfing in HAWAII hehe... I mean when you are surfing it can feel like you are flying, you feel like the wind right?? I dunno I have never done it LOL... Thank you HellieWellie for posing for me! 

Monday, July 25, 2011

New Profile Pic

Although I am getting better at taking pictures of myself, and getting vainer and vainer by the minute I might add, I have always been very reluctant to try to come up with a photo that I feel would be striking enough as a profile picture... That is a job that I will always leave to someone with more skills than I possess... This time I sat my ugly mug down and let my awesome bestie Lynaja Bade shoot me; luckily her water pistol was outta water, and the real gun was bullet-less, so it fell to the camera as her weapon of choice... Her photos made Rudh look incredible, I cannot believe that it is a photo of Rudh to be honest, it must be someone else, I mean I'm always looking at my avatar but until someone hands you a photograph that looks like that of yourself you never see yourself as looking as amazing as you probably are! I was in shock when I logged in this afternoon and was faced with these photos! 
 The autumn coloured one, picture number 2, instantly became my new profile picture, but they are just so gorgeous I HAD to show them to everyone... I hope that one day I can create a photo this pretty?! I spend long enough looking at myself hehe, anything is possible!
Thank you Lynnieloo... *hugs tight* I lubs the photos you created!!! I can't wait till we can make one of us, but knowing how long the dressing takes it could be a while hehe!!! *hugs*

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Curse you Fledge... LOL

Some days in SL you seem to get a lot done, others you seem to spend waiting around for ever and ever just to get what you want - Reality seems intensified in SL in this case as well as a few others... I spent my Friday night feeling the latter, I will hold my fist up high, shake it and say "Curse you Fledge for keeping me on lucky chair clicking duty" hehe... 
Fledge had been given a LM by me to lead her in the direction of some really cool ears being given away as a Waffle Fox Hunt prize by [ni.Ju] -so I could say that this whole thing is kinda my own fault - during her stop at the store she discovered some very gorgeous Dragon wings available in the Lucky Boards in millions of colours, and being a Dragon with a penchant for wings (and a penchant for collecting things), she asked if I'd be ready to tp over to help her collect the set... Sure, no problem, right? WRONG! Second time I went over and tried to tp home I crashed and it was then that I decided to just sit there as I was bound to be called back again! It turned out to be worth the wait, she got MILLIONS, all the ones she wanted with the exception of the one and only pair of Rainbow ones that I had taken a liking too... She let me have those, as long as she gets borrowing rights!! So when I was back at home, I started to create a demonic look, though I ended up more like some weird dark celestial rainbow painter... I mean surely not all rainbows come from the asses of unicorns?
My first attempt at playing with windlight settings LOL... scary or what?? I kept thinking I'd broken SL Lol!!!

52 Weeks of Colour - WEEK 38!

This week has been kinda strange for me... There has been a LOT happening and I am not sure whether I am coming or going half the time, I barely saw Hell for the first half of the week, barely having any time to even just have a hug! I had to come up with something that I could do, when I wasn't half dead from the exhaustion after having to work twice as hard at the moment, that would keep me entertained. THANK YOU LUNA for the challenge, I could bury myself in my wardrobe warehouse, which turned out to be a pretty good thing as it meant that I got to sort some of my freebies into their correct place. Now the colour this week was called one thing, but to me it seemed much more what I, as an Brit, would call Royal Purple, I guess though that the term patriarch has a similar meaning as what it would to be a royal (maybe, possibly, am I wrong?), so that kind of got ideas ticking in my head... Then, it became obvious what I had to do when I appeared on the H&C Wheels Build Platform. That place is ALWAYS covered with bits of vehicles and the like, but Hell had left out an engine that seemed perfect. I borrowed it and dragged it back down to the house, it looked like there were bits that needed fixing, so never one to pass up a challenge, I went for it! 
Week 38...
Week 38: Had me scratching my head working out whether the bit I just pulled off the engine was meant to come off?!
What is she wearing;
Hair: Ploom - Kisha
Jewellery (including Tiara): Alienbear Design - Queen Heidi
Grease Marks: Meat 'N' More - Can Ya Fix It?
Overall: SG Fashion - Uniform (coloured from pale blue)
Belt: SG Fashion - Uniform Belt
Shoes: Last Eden - Tall Boots

See how I made the Royal Purple idea work there hehe... I wasn't just rambling for a change! Though just for anyone who wanted to know, 
Oh bugger, I think I broke it?!
Next Week - Melon... Hehehe!!! Can't wait for this one there is a story to my reason,  but you will have to wait and see hehe...

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Rudh's New Jacket

I am a member of the subscribe group for the Dressing Room and its Blue companion... I have been for a while... Besides the odd hair style, there seems to have been a limited amount of items that have ever appealed to me, as a vast quantity of it isn't really my style, yet when an item appears that is something I might consider I get very excited. I am a fan of this kind of shopping - sometimes it can open your eyes to new things that you would never normally consider, although I will admit that currently the new Grunge Soul Project and the Depraved Exclusives seem to be more up my street and definitely more obvious within my wardrobe. 
This week was one of the weeks that something within the Dressing Room managed to catch my attention... It was the Misseiling V2 leather jacket from R.icielli, it had me thinking OOOOOOH I WANT THAT. Though when I put it on back at home I wasn't so sure... 

I like it, but is it really me?

Another Challenge is afoot? Blog Hero?

I was feeling more than a little bored, for some reason I had a massive boost of energy today and rather than slumping down on a comfy sofa I found myself thinking "I wanna blog!", but WHAT? I looked at clothes and thought "nah this isn't a fashion blog", I looked at locations, I looked at the random fun stuff I keep stashed away in my inventory, but nothing was getting my creative juices flowing!
Then whilst perusing blogs, I noticed that the crazily busy Miss Shayariel Teardrop, had created what looked to be another rather amusing challenge?! 
This challenge is named "Blog Hero", apparently after guitar hero but personally this idea sounds WAY more appealing than clicking coloured keys on a plastic guitar! Shay will pick lyrics from a song and the idea is to create a picture that fits the lyrics but is essentially still within your style! Check out her blog... The idea is set up there... 
Week One's song... A-Ha - Crying in the Rain... 
"I'll never let you see
The way my broken heart is hurting me
I got my pride and I know how to hide
All my sorrow and pain
I do my crying in the rain"

So I took those lyrics, and this is my photo for them... 
Week 1: Crying in the Rain!
Just so you know I tried to play with Photoshop and wind-light and stuff... It's not the world's best ever SL photo, but I like the way it turned out

Saturday, July 16, 2011

52 Weeks of Colour - WEEK 37!

Well things seemed to have gotten easier this week, I am back home and on my usual computer and the colour put up seems to have been somewhat easier than last week's "HUH? WHAT THE HECK COLOUR IS THAT?" This colour screams Summer! I also got lucky enough to find some of this colour stashed away in my inventory warehouse... though when I pulled it on I was a little worried as to why I had lingerie in this colour?! But anyway, this week is my first and possibly my last lingerie post, hehe, I've seen some people in the most gorgeous lingerie though out this challenge and I have never been brave enough, yet this colour and finding this set hidden away, it's kinda serendipitous? Maybe? 
Week 37...
What is she wearing;
Hair: >TRUTH< - Hazel
Necklace: .+*aya V*+. -  Lemmon Necklace
Lingerie: *Reasonable Desires*- Sophie Fruity Lingerie
Shoes: [Pixel Mode] - Baby T (past gift)
Lemon and Limes: Frooti - Frooti Freebies (past store freebie) 

I was planning a sexy shot of the lingerie, but when I found this pose I just couldn't help myself... showing off my klutzy side, knocking over the bowl of fruit... Yay go me!
Next Week - Patriarch... Isn't that just Purple with a funny name? Such a regal colour!

Thursday, July 14, 2011

The Questions and Pictures Thingie

I was looking around on the various blogs and people's flickrs this morning and stumbled upon the challenge or game or whatever it is that appeared on the flickrs of both Laila Laperriere and Laura18 Streeter, two fabulous ladies who simply amaze me every week with their colour challenge posts, and it caught my attention... So OK,problem, I don't use flickr so I would have to use Google for it and try to stick the rest of the rules as closely as I could!
The game seems to be as follows; (all this info was taken from the flickr of Miss Laila and Miss Laura, make sure you check them out)... It has definitely let me get to know them just a teeny bit better!!! 
There are 12 questions that you are supposed to search for your answers to in flickr search - I had to use Google, please forgive me - and then from the first page of pictures that came up you pick your favourite! Then, copy and paste each of the URLs for the images into this mosaic maker, to come up with the picture... Here's mine; 
 1. What is your first name? Emily
2. What is your favorite food? Sunday Roast Dinner (preferably cooked by my mum!)
3. What high school did you go to? Winston Churchill Secondary School, Surrey
4. What is your favorite color? Red
5. Who is your celebrity crush? Jared Padalecki (Sexy Sam in Supernatural... Mmmmmm)
6. Favorite drink? Coffee, in all its forms, bog-standard-at-home, cappuccino, frappucino... Someone make me a coffee??
7. Dream vacation? Damn this is too hard... there are lots of places... China, America both North and South, Lapland... OH I KNOW... DISNEYLAND!!!
8. Favorite dessert? Ooh this one is hard too... ummm Apple Crumble (made by mum too!)
9. What you want to be when you grow up? TALLER... No wait...I want to be an Archaeologist
10. What do you love most in life? The Rollercoaster Ride, it can be pretty exhilerating!
11. One Word to describe you = Smiles
12. Your SL Name = Rudhmellowen Laguna

It was FREAKING HARD... but I did it, the first answer is RL and the last one SL as I couldn't use a flickr name, and LOL at the Old School Hell who also features in that last picture, he doesn't look like that anymore hehe! I wanna see yours if you do one, so post me a link, and to Laila and Laura... THANK YOU lol that was fun!

Monday, July 11, 2011


Hello, I'm back from my little trip to England and ready to rock and roll again... Feels like I need another holiday already though, I mean seriously all that seeing people that I haven't seen in a while and all those trips out, really tires a girl out! PLUS, on my first day back at work at the hotel, two of the most experienced ladies decided to quit due to a dispute on the one day of the year so far that we have had a full hotel to clean - Total nightmare!!!
Yet, it was lovely to just come home and sleep in my own bed - as for my return to SL, it was quiet without much ceremony which was AWESOME as it meant that I could sort through my veritable deluge of stuff that had been delivered and I had only had minimal time to accept... The avalanche of note cards was incredible, I never realised that I got that many each week. Though I was blown away by the amount of pretties... there was so much pretty that I simply couldn't afford it all, and that was without even looking at hair demos! I was inspired to make a photo hehe... 
As you might have guessed, I went to hair fair. I'm wearing the Magika Luna style, which I fell in love with on sight from the photo alone... The top is the latest release from Paradisis, called Dolce Vita, and its gorgeous lacework that screams summer, and to top it all off the latest jewellery release from KOSH, the Olen Necklace and Ring, which is another set to add to my favourite jewellery pieces (a folder that seems to be stuffed full of KOSH stuff at the moment, if you haven't been to the store YOU SHOULD... GO NOW!!!) 
Plus this photo was point and click in my box... I'm kinda pleased with how it turned out lol...

Saturday, July 9, 2011

52 Weeks of Colour Challenge - WEEK 36!

This week has been the hardest for me so far.When I looked at the swatch, everytime I looked at the swatch, it seemed to be blueish greyish greenish bleh in tone, I had NEVER even heard of it as a colour. I ummed and I awwed and still found myself getting no where, so then I decided to deviate from the colour swatch marginally as after looking in google it appeared to be more of a greenish tone... 
Upon discovering the colour, I stumbled on another problem... The laptop that I have been using is NOT good enough for a mammoth shopping crawl through SL, I crashed more than I tpped, and was close to pulling out my hair... I had NO idea in which direction I wanted to take this photo anyway and then being stuck on a build platform 4,000m in the air as it was the only place I could be without crashing, things were getting more than a little desperate, so I called in the Big Guns!!! My awesome friend Lynnie, became my personal shopper. She darted around SL taking photos of outfits that may fit the colour scheme, discussing each one with me as I searched in vain through Marketplace, till suddenly she had the most monumental brainwave EVER!!! 
Week 36...
Week 36: I went all nymph-like and tried to lure men into the attic... I failed lol!
What is she wearing;
Hair: Exile - Elena (modified so that the bow on the braid has been removed)
Make-up: KOSH - Metallic Eyeshadow
Outfit: Evie's Closet - Lumina Nymph (includes bracelets and head jewel)
Feet: SLink- Jolie Pied

I love the way that this look turned out, in fact it was better than I could have hoped for as to begin with I was really not motivated by the colour... Isn't that always the way though, the colours we are most perturbed by tend to be the looks we love most?! 
Next week - Lemon... This one should be fun!!!

Saturday, July 2, 2011

52 Weeks of Colour Challenge - WEEK 35!

Little did I think that I would make it this week, creating an outfit and using a computer that I wasn't used to for running Secondlife seemed at the start of the week something similar to a nightmare situation... I couldn't get the controls to do exactly what I wanted, as I am so used to my PC at home being set up just the way I like it... BUT I was damn sure that I would persevere and come up with something for the colour, even if I had to redo it again. The colour was one that I seemed to be kinda prepared for luckily, as I had a dress that had been put aside for "IF" this colour ever came up... It was just a matter of putting the look together and then realising that it was missing something to give it a Rudh-crazy-lady type touch. I handed that bit over to HellBone and said in a whimpery voice "help me?" After passing the photos to him for a final pick of the one he liked best and asking him to make it seem a bit more special, as the outfit didn't seem up to much, I crossed my fingers and actually when the result came back he had added that little bit of pazazz that it had been lacking, I was pleased, he's a good boy, sometimes!
Week 35...
Electric Blue
Week 35: It would seem that spiked shoes act a little bit like mini Lightning Rods... You have been warned lol!
What is she wearing;
Hair: Cortes 'n' Rossini - Crazy Hawk
Make-Up: *BOOM* Truely Outrageous Eye Paints
Jewellery: Schadenfreude - Blue Lightning (past gift)
Dress: .Magoa. - Risque Rossini Dress
Shoes: [LWL] - Tonight Pumps

Don't I look Shocking hehe... So punny it kills me lol!
Next Week - Celadon... It seems to be a kinda weird very pale blueish grey? I dont quite know where to go with this one?!