Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Hopeful Tidings at The Lexi Project

Today will be a day of mermaids for me... I don't know how but I have been acting a little fishy a LOT lately... It's nothing new, I mean throughout my SL time I've been either a Fae, a Vampire or a Mermaid when playing dress up - before settling on the living dead dolly I am now - but at the moment there seems to be a lot of focus on the fishy folk hehe... 
This mermaid me is not just for fun though, she's also a charitable hero - raising money to help someone in need... There is a charity event in SL at the moment called The Lexi Project - raising money to help Lexi Zelin - owner and creator of AngelRED Couture - who recently had a rather nasty medical diagnosis and now faces mounting medical bills... To read more, I would recommend you check The Lexi Project's website and then go check out the over 300 SL designers who are donating 100% of their sales to help!!
The mermaid look I am wearing today started out as two different items that were a kinda sorta collaboration between two stores that I love blogging for... 
The skin is one from Stargazer Creations, and like all of Aggie's skins, this one is beautiful... Well thought out, perfectly decorated with it's magical swirling pattern and such a vibrant, jewel-like shade too... I will be hard pushed to find fantasy skins from anywhere else that I like as much!! 
The other part of the collaboration is everything else I'm wearing with the exception of my eyes and hair LOL... Made by ImmateriA the Hopeful Tidings Mermaid Outfit includes heaps of stuff - tail, cape, hat and jewellery, not to forget the bra too... It like the Stargazer skin is so beautifully textured that it shows how much time and effort Naenia puts into her designs. 
Both of these things are being offered as 100% donation items at The Lexi Project, and these are just the very tip of the iceburg... There are heaps and heaps more gorgeous things to check out, so head on over and help Miss Zelin... Get something, Help someone, it will make you smile I promise! 

What is she wearing;
Hair: Blues - Lunaire (Past Freebie at Hair Fair 2015) 
Skin: Stargazer Creations - Hope Skin (Available Now at The Lexi Project
Eyes: antielle & *Katat0nik* - Nebulae Faun Eyes & Lens Set (Past Event Release)
Outfit (including Tail, Bra, Cape, Hat and Jewellery): ImmateriA - Hopeful Tidings (Available Now at The Lexi Project

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