Monday, July 20, 2015

A Mixed Up Romp with something Pink!

I've been such a good girl lately... Í've been blogging like crazy working on getting things covered, ensuring that bloggers were doing their jobs - for those of you that manage multiple events with lots of bloggers I am bowing to your greatness hehe - AND dealing with MC drama which caused the biggest headache you can imagine...
Sometimes it makes me feel a bit like I'm hearding chickens LOL... I run around organising, and having so very little Rudh time... Well I've just finished blogging Horror Haute for this month, and NOW IT'S ME TIME!!!
So what do I do when I get a little me time, I take pictures usually but in this case I did something a little more risque than I had imagined I would... I had a ROMP something fun and pink... I blame the pink, pink is the colour of evil. I MIXed it up a little and wore my new heels too... Boy was that alone time fun hehe...
I dressed appropriately - a little pink lingerie and a pair of the gorgeous new lassitude & ennui shoes with their delicate floral pattern - and lit a few candles before opening the box I'd gotten from the ROMP event.. The reason for the oppulence was packaged inside, and I felt like a kid at Christmas... Time for being a good girl was over, if I'm staying with the idea of Christmas, I'd be one of the girls on the Naughty list that Santa would want to visit hehe...
The toys I unpackaged were a special release from The Horror! As soon as I saw them I KNEW I'd be taking some home with me hehe... A perfect collection of everything a girl - or guy - could possibly need, with perhaps the only thing missing being a flogger. These toys come in two colours - the pink or a more manly black set - and they can be rezzed as a complete set or unlinked and "used" individually hehe...
These are going to be a permanent fixture in my little house hehe... After all, I never know when I will get a moments peace LOL...

What is she wearing;
Skin: Glam Affair - Lauren in America 07 (Past Collabor88 Item)
Panties: SAKIDE - Vintage Glam Panties in Pink
Shoes: lassitude & ennui - Floral Pumps in Rose (Available Now for MIX)
Toys: The Horror! - Candy Collection in Bubblegum (Available Now at ROMP)
Seat: Trompe Loeil - Alexi Chase Lounge in Punk (Past Collabor88 Release)

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