Sunday, April 1, 2012

30 Days of Gratitude - Day 2

Straight in with the list of things that I am greatful for today, I'm hoping there will be lots of things hehe. By the way I'm not listing these in order of any importance, it's just the way that the cookie crumbled hehe...
1) LASHAE KARSIN (and the rest of the Seraphim bloggers)... I singled Lashae out for praise today because this woman is a freaking trooper. As per usual I had about a million things to get done today for Seraphim, but when I asked her if she would cover a sale for me this morning, she agreed and did it superfast even though it was 3am for her!! She's one of the Seraphim Super Machines, and without them I would crack hehe!!! The others rock too and they help make Seraphim what it is, without them it wouldn't be the same, so even though Shae is the one with the praise here, all the Seraphimers kick mighty ass!
2) When people just IM to say 'Hello"... People that I know but not necessarily well, IMmed me today just to say Hello and see how I was, that really makes you feel good inside. Sama and noelle, you guys really brought a smile to my face and all it took was a hello! Thanks guys! 
3) Hell working Nights... Don't get me wrong I love snuggling up with Helly at night, especially when I have cold feet, but I relish the nights he has to go to work because I GET THE WHOLE BED TO MYSELF!!! YAY! 
4) Crossing things OFF My To-Do List... I am constantly making myself lists of things to do, today I managed to get a ton of things crossed off my list and that always makes me feel really good and is definitely something to be greatful about.