Thursday, April 26, 2012

30 Days of Gratitude - Day 24

What am I greatful for today; 
1) Glamazon Song... LOL, Lynnie found this song this morning and I fell in love with it, it isn't my usual preference when it comes to music yet I try to pride myself on having a fairly ecclectic taste and this song was just too cool for me to not include it! The song speaks to me, "she's so bloody tall" is a line from the song that just screams volumes for me at the moment as a lot of my friends are shorter than I am. I am by no means one of the amazon types you see wandering around sometimes, I'm kinda middling height for SL, yet sometimes I really do feel like a Glamazon!!! hehe!!! Thank you RuPaul for this song it's brilliant hehe... Oh yea and Drag Queens = AWESOME!! hehe! 
2) Piercings... I love piercings, but kinda get freaked a little bit by needles. It's not a real problem, I got my ears pierced when I was 23, took a while for someone that loves to see different piercings, yet some of the piercings that seem to be around in SL are amazing. I am totally in love with this gorgeous cheek and nose piercing that came from [ni.ju] at a past Perfect Wardrobe, which I will admit I teamed with an old favourite from Acide!. I am also loving my new chest piercing with it's USB and cable plug-ins hehe...
  3) Potato Croquettes... MMMMMMMm easy and yummy, what a good thing to have with my dinner... I had them with sausages and beans, lazy dinner because I am home alone for dinner tonight and I hate cooking for myself! Not very healthy I know, but hey it's a one off! 
4) Being given an honest opinion... I asked Lynnie what she thought of my photo I had worked on for the colour challenge to go up on Sunday, I had worked on it a while, but Lynnie told me honestly that she thought it wasn't a great photo because of the fact that Rudh looked kinda pixelated... I am gonna try to follow the steps that she suggested, if I can get SL to work... I wonder if I can sign myself up for photo lessons with Lynnie101!

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