Friday, March 30, 2012

30 Days of Gratitude - Day 1

I realised this morning that my last post, and only post, that wasn't relating to the colour challenge was a rant. In fact I haven't really had a very good time of things lately and I will admit that it was bringing me down. Then as I was looking through the blogs I follow I noticed that both Mayala and Guen have jumped on the challenge that is the 30 Days of Gratitude challenge, originally posted by Anubis Darkwatch. I found myself thinking, "Yea, I could use a bit of cheering up!" So I will be aiming to take part to... Time to start looking for the good things and stop worrying about the bad... 
So where to begin for my things for today, 
1) Photographing Crazy Ass Hair... I'm working on coverage for the upcoming Crazy Ass Hair Hunt that will be on Seraphim very soon. The hunt hasn't started yet, but I've been getting review copies and WOW some of the creations are AMAZING. It's so cool to see such imagination. 
2) Getting dressed in SL in LESS than an Hour... Normally it takes me forever to get dressed in SL! I put it down to the fact I have too many clothes that I don't want to wear right this second... TODAY it took me just under an hour for finding an outfit that rocks! 
3) Deciding to take part in THIS Blog Challenge... I know it sounds silly, but it is actually putting a smile on my face to stop and think about the things that have happened to me today, so for that this challenge get's credit as one of my 5 things today. 
4) Potato Wedges for Dinner... I'm making fish for dinner today, with a side helping of broccoli and some of my awesome potato wedges. They are Hell's favourites, but I will admit that I love them too. I put a little sunflower oil on them, season with garlic, paprika, salt and pepper, then chuck them in a hot oven for half hour and MMMMMM SO GOOD!
5) Dancing with Izzy... In a moment of randomness I switched the radio up loud and danced round to the Murderdolls. I love "Summertime Suicide" it is one of my favourite songs at the moment, and Izzy thought it was a game that I was dancing while cleaning, so she started to dance with me, it had me giggling and then she went bonkers and ran round the house like a crazy person... She is definitely something to be greatful for... She's my little princess! 
Just a little lookie at IzzyWhizzy, she's curled up with my favourite toy from when I was a kid. This is one soft toy she is not allowed to play with. Dogga normally sits on a shelf WAYYYYYY out of her reach, she likes to eat plushies!

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  1. mmmhhhh ... potato wedges ... we had them this week too, but with peppers instead of broccoli ;-)
    and the pic of Izzy and Dogga is simply cute ;-)
    welcome to the challenge