Sunday, April 22, 2012

52WOCC2 - Week 17

The colour this week had me kinda stumped. At first I thought YAY GREY, but then I realised there is a definite blueish tint to it, once I coloured my photo booth I was convinced that there was a hint of blue and that made my thoughts of Yay and any possible ideas that I had for this colour go flying out the window. I stood myself on a pose stand, heaved a sigh and started digging through the warehouse that is my wardrobe, when out the corner of my eye I spotted the little beauty of a dress hidden lurking in an unworn SAKIDE folder! 
When I had the dress on, it reminded me of a dress I had when I was three years old, it got me looking back over old photographs that my sister, Sophie, had sent me copies of recently and I found myself pulling an outfit on Rudh that would have been the kinda thing my mum put me in for a party when I was three... Of course it's on Rudh so it doesn't look ANYTHING like a three year old, lol but its the outfit as a whole that reminded me of my childhood (without the piercing btw hehe!) 
Just for a bit of interest for anyone who might be interested, this is what I looked like when I was three... 
Check out my mum's 80s hair LOL! We can let her off though it was 1989 after all!!!
Now back to Rudh, modelling a when I was three style look, with my favourite toy which I spent hours bringing to life in SL, Dogga - I wrote a post about him, go check it out here!!! 
Week 17 - Shuttle Grey
Week 17: Will you push me on the swings?
What is she wearing; 
Hair: Exile – Midnight in Paris
Necklace: Dark Mouse – Happy Bow
Outfit: SAKIDE – Insanely Cute Dress
Toy: Made it myself, I am not the best builder in SL, fact I am still pretty newbie at it after 5 years, but I am kinda proud that I could sit down and build something.
Shoes: Shiny Things – Zimmy Flats

There is my trip down memory lane, feel free to point and laugh at the lil ginger kid. I will say I love that picture of me, Mum, teeny baby Soph and my Grandma, it screams to me "I LOVE YOU GRANDMA!" but then I was always the favourite LOL!
Next Week - Thistle


  1. Rudh i watch this with a very big smile on my face.. so cute your mom with the sixties hair ( Abba look)... i had expected to see you hanging on a shuttle in a grey skin with goggles on or something like that.. so this was a totally unexpected sweet look ..loved your story how you came to this

  2. It's so nice! Love your post (love also your beautiful hair)

  3. hehee too cute! Love the pic in the playground and the cute dress :P

  4. Awww such a cute 3 year old :-D Nice background story with the picture Love it

  5. Rudh looks rather naughty in that outfit! And it's so, so... normal LOL. No gas-mask or anything ;)

    Love the family picture! You look adorable with your ginger curls :)

  6. Love this post, I love both photos. Your family is so cute!

  7. So adorable, Rudh!! Your child self is almost as adorable as your adult self. ;-) The outfit you chose is completely cute, and I really love those shoes... Must go shop now!

  8. Very cute, Rudh! I love the hair!

  9. Aw, Rudh, you look adorable in that little dirndl. Here's to happy childhood memories :)

  10. Aww..arent you sooo dang cute??!!!! Still are to! =)

    Love the look with shuttle gray, and those shoes I WANT! =)

  11. So cute with your hair bow and even the pose looks child like, great pic and of course dogga is just fabulous! :)

  12. My friend had hair like that in the 80s; mine was shorter and curled on top and dried straight at the sides. Tragic times fashion-wise! Great look this week Burger Fairy!

    Jasmine B

  13. I bet there's whole queues of guys waiting to push you on the swings - we had names for girls like that when I was at school (LOL j/k!!!) Seriously that's a really cute look and it would go down great at Glastonbury too. I do have to question why anyone would go 'YAY GREY' for the colour line-up though :P Got a lot of grey in your inventory have you??

    I still think your Grandma has a bee on her ear :3

  14. Well, the dress says it all! You are insanely cute. Hehe. love the pic.

  15. Aww you and the dress are both so cute! I love your pic this week Rudh!

  16. I just love seeing your three-year-old pic! It's obvious that your character was busting through even at that age. Very nice look this week!