Monday, April 9, 2012

30 Days of Gratitude - Day 11

What am I greatful for today;
1) My Tidy Inventory... It seems that there has been a massive spring cleaning bug that has taken over SL at the moment. I am hearing about so many people sorting their inventories, I just thank goodness mine has always been well organised like those that are being listed with tutorials... I have been doing that kinda cleaning for a long while now, almost since I started and it's great to know that I don't need to do that now hehe!!! Sorry for those of you that are stuck sorting your inventories but it is worth it in the end TRUST ME! 
2) Those random LOL moments... From finding pictures of Vix wearing the coolest facelight ever (pictured) to making Niki pass out over the fact that her and I were having a conversation about Hell being able to handle 4 boobies, today has been a barrel of LOL and I have enjoyed every minute of it!
3) Looking at all the pretty seashell peach outfits... I have taken some time out with a cuppa tea today to sit and blog read, just looking at all the pretty that everyone is coming up with is awesome.
4) The New Umbrella Boat/Seat from LISP Bazaar for Collabor88... I don't often buy things from C88 as it doesn't always appeal to me style wise, but I couldn't resist this Umbrella Sea or Boat or whatever it is. It fits perfectly with my "Wendy House"!
5) Vix's interview going well... Vix had a RL interview today that seemed to go well for her, when you add that weird coincidence of her getting an interview in the same week as I have one, and the fact that Fledge went to the store when she came to Amsterdam before I knew her,  that I have the interview in on Friday, it kinda feels a bit like Serendipity... Maybe?

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