Sunday, April 1, 2012

52WOCC2 - Week 14

Another week, another load of computer troubles as you might have noticed following my huge rant a few days ago, and another colour rolls in. I was thinking that I wouldn't get this week done, might have had to have been the first that I missed, OH MY GAH SHOCK HORROR... First off there was the issues what I was headbutting with my PC in general, but then there was the colour. First thought when I saw the colour was NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO lol, we'd had a very, very, very similar colour last round, some of you may remember the Patriarch week lol, I hated that week I couldn't find anything I wanted and so I had cheated. Now we were facing the colour again under a different name and I faced a long dig through my wardrobe. Surprisingly I found something, Blue Blood and the Horror Haute event came to my rescue, I had a dress that was perfect. Then there was only the issue of working out what I wanted to do with it... 
I was watching a documentary on Discovery Channel about Marie Antionette, for some reason it was on and I am a history geek so I was doomed lol, and I thought "WAIT A SECOND?! ROYAL, CAKE, I have Marie Antoinette Hair! SCORE!" The outcome being a look that I like to think of as what Marie Antoinette would have worn, if she was in SL, when she said "Let them Eat Cake!" I love that quote, I know it was a harsh time and the peasants had no bread, but that really sounds like something a fame hungry, wannabe, might say on modern reality television... LOL, oh and YAY FOR CAKE!!! 
Week 14 - Royal Purple
Week 14: Cake for everyone!
What is she wearing; 
Hair: Curio Obscura - Let Them Eat Cake Off Your Head
Make-up: elymode - Gluttony Shadows Full, KOSH - Wet Lips
Necklace: Panda Express - Plastick Princess
Dress: Blue Blood - Nina Dress
Pants: SPLASH - Shining Pants
Shoes: [Blossom] - Back to Basics
Pose Prop: CONCRETE FLOWERS - I Made You Cake

Don't like purple much, but LOVE Cake so I like this picture LOL... Mmmmm Cake it makes me wanna go bake a cake... Anyone know of any yummy cakes I should try my hand at baking?? 
Next Week - Seashell Peach


  1. haha i laughed so much about your last sentence about the reality tv!!!! that hair is super all cakes around.. i totally agree Antoinette would have worn this total look ))))) super idea

  2. Marie Antionette in sparkly hotpants -- you go, Burger Fairy!

    I hope your computer crap is fixed now.

    Vege Burger

  3. Aw Rudh that's too funny and I love your stories! Let them have cake and eat it too LOL

  4. Royal Velvet, dear... The King of Cakes!!! or Queen:p
    Funny as usually!

  5. Funny comment Love the picture :DD

  6. I love your correlation to reality TV stars, that is probably as about in touch as Madame Marie was! AND she never got to wear cake actually IN her hair. Rudh wins!

  7. Now you've made my hungry :P Fabulous, fanciful piccie!

  8. Love the happy picture! And... did someone mention cake? Mmmm, cake...

  9. LOL you need to be on Horrible Histories with a song about cake. That's a great dress too! You look far too excited about the whole cake thing, somebody has had too much sugar *g*

  10. LOL you crack me up Rudh!!! Your posts always put a smile on my face!!! Love it!!!

  11. Your hair is fantastic!! You always come up with something so unique for your posts. Very well done!