Monday, April 2, 2012

30 Days of Gratitude - Day 4

Things I feel greatful for today,
1) Hell won Concert Tickets... While he was at work last night at about 4am, HellBone won tickets to a concert in Amsterdam in October. The concert is a band neither of us have heard of before, AlascA. They sound OK, not really the type of music I would buy tickets to see, but as a free concert I won't be saying no, and as they don't sound bad it could be fun!!
2) Gacha Events... There is a new event that has started monthly in SL, called The Gacha Party... What a great way for me to get my Gacha Fix! I went to the new one today and won a necklace from Retro'. Though I went a bit mental at the Starlust one, I spent tons on cats and milk LOL!! Good Times!
3) Playing with my SL Clothes... In RL I am a big girl (and I mean really big not just a skinny person thinking that she's fat I mean big!) and clothes are expensive. In SL however, I am able to wear what I want and so today I spent time putting together an awesome outfit for the 52WOCC... AND I LOVE IT!
4) People who are willing to just listen... Been rather down in the dumps and bottling up lots of frustration. It's making me cry a lot more than necessary and it is making Hell come near to a breakdown too as he has no idea how to help me as is left feeling guilty! Step in my big sister Fledge, followed by my Daddy and the release has left me just that little bit lighter.
5) Antiques Roadshow... That classic BBC programme has been a huge part of my sunday nights ever since I was a baby. Mum has always watched it and now I watch it religiously too, I managed to record it last night, I am off to watch it now!!! YAY!!! 

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