Wednesday, April 18, 2012

30 Days of Gratitude - Day 20

What am I greatful for today; 
1) HellBone letting me use his PC... No matter what I do or what we try, my PC since the end of last year has been giving me masses of trouble. Right now I have replaced both the graphics card AND bought new memory for the machine, yet still things aren't working quite so well as they should. Hell has let me share his PC once again to see if he can actually get mine fixed, but in the meantime I will be juggling PCs once again! Lucky me huh? Still least he is being nice and letting me use his when he doesn't need it! 
2) Pretty Presents... Lynnie sent me a surprise present today, she does that sometimes and every time I get all squeaky. I am such a spoilt princess sometimes I really am hehe... She knows that she doesn´t have to buy me things but she seems to like doing so, and I am not gonna complain, I just wish I could treat her more often!! Last night she sent me some GORGEOUS rings from Mandala!!! I AM IN LOVE WITH THEM!!
3) Giggles... I love it when you get the giggles and you just can't stop. It hasn't seemed to have happened for a while with me until today when I farted and blamed Izzy for it. Hell fell for it for like 15 minutes, so that meant a good 20 minutes of laughing.Proper laughing, that could be constituted as exercise if you read some magazine articles, hehe... Poor Izzy being blamed for a mummy toot, but seriously I didn't think Hell would fall for it LOL... I better shush I can't laugh anymore it hurts! 

I really cant think what to write about today, I am having a total mental block which is possibly because I have never blogged this much since I started my blog LOL... I'm gonna leave it at 3 things and go and enjoy a shower and a lovely hot cuppa tea!!! Night Night everyone!

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