Sunday, April 8, 2012

30 Days of Gratitiude - Day 10

What am I greatful for today;
2) Working with a bunch of ladies like the Seraphim Girls (and Mikel)... Never a dull moment goes by with this lot, there is drama sure, but we are such a diverse group of people that wouldn't have ever come together if it hadn't been for Seraphim and they are all a real barrel of crazy fun.OH AND... Check out the latest Seraphim Venture, our secret - Seraphim Backstage!
Photo shot and spliced together by miss Rita (aka lu scorpio).
From Left: Shae, Soph, Rita, Bells, Vix, Me, Li and Niki... Almost a full set, but not quite!

3) Being Busy... I love it when I have things to do, doesn't matter whether it is in RL or SL, I just love being busy! It always gives me a real sense of achievement when I can say I managed to get lots of things done!
4) Skull Ice Cream... I took a break from eating chocolate eggs, to be honest they were making me feel a bit sick, and traded them in for Ice Cream... SKULL ICE CREAM from Concrete Flowers in this week's Lazy Sunday! Made by the best Ice Cream maker on the planet!!!
5) Izzy... She forces her way up into my lap for a cuddle at the worst possible moment, but she is still getting bigger and one day that might not be able to happen anymore. She has learnt that if she tosses her head when she lets go of her ball she can play fetch with herself and that is just adorable, and she now gives you her paw when you ask for it, so long as she knows you are holding cookies ready for her!
6) MORE TEA!!!

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  1. So cute this week! And I'm sure Izzy will never be too big to sit on your lap ... dogs choose to have a terrible sense of space!