Thursday, April 5, 2012

A Million Hoodies in SL

My sister Fledge was invited to join a group on Flickr called A Million Hoodies in SL. Upon hearing about the idea it sparked my interest, and after seeing her post, although Flickr and I don't really ever work together I felt that this was a cause I would love to get on the bandwagon and support too... 
One for a Million Hoodies in SL! 
As an avid hoodie wearer in RL, this story is both saddening and rather scary. OK the fact that I am a white female, would probably mean that this wouldn't affect me, but it does raise issues. 
The reason behind this campaign is to raise awareness and protest about the shooting of Treyvon Martin, a regular 17 year old guy in America who was shot on his way home from a quick trip to get some skittles, and the handling of the subsequent case thereafter. The shooter, who was a guard for the gated community in which the shooting took place, claimed that Treyvon looked suspicious, yet even after calling the police and being told not to follow him the guard took things into his own hands and took the life of a young man who only went out for some sweets!
This case is now a racial case, Treyvon was black and his shooter, who although arrested initially was let off without anything so much as a warning, was white. Racism is something that I have never understood, I know the history behind it but I guess no matter how much something is fought for, even if something is won there will always be some astigmatism (oooh that big word meaning blurred vision makes me sound smarticle!) attached to it. What it brings to my mind, at the end of the day, is that it is WHITE skin that is the mutuation, however the ins and outs of that get very technical!! 
I will admit that seeing a gang of young men in hoodies lingering around will sometimes have the power to unsettle me, especially at night, but in the early hours of the evening when the guy was alone with a can of ice tea and some skittles... Makes you wonder if this was more about race than the fact there was anything suspicious going on!


  1. Good point actually, about white skin being the mutation! I'm actually one of the weirdos!

    And yes, one teenager hardly qualifies as a threatening gang...

  2. Floofy moogle hoodie omgah! *snuggles*
    What gets me most about this case is the fact that even after the police told him not to do anything, even after the fact it comes out that the kid wasn't even armed, the guy is still let off (at least initially) for 'just doing his duty'. WTF?! You shot an unarmed kid! Anything else is just whitewash and bs :/