Friday, April 6, 2012

30 Days of Gratitude - Day 8

What am I greatful for today;
1) Waking up in bed next to Hell... It seems like a while since we have been able to wake up together, he's been working night shifts and so I have been vacating the bed at just about the time he is getting into it, it's been like 2 ships passing in the night! 
2) My Interview being postponed... I was as nervous as all hell this morning, I didn't sleep very well last night and although she rang at the last minute to change the interview day it let me beathe a sigh of relief to get my thoughts together better... 
3) Spending time chatting on the phone with a friend... I haven't seen this friend for a long time now, and it was great to get back to chatting with her. She used to be one of those people I spent a lot of time with in the past, and so talking to her again felt good.
4) A cuppa!!!!

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