Sunday, April 8, 2012

52WOCC2 - Week 15

Well this week has been a rollercoaster of a week, thing seem to have been going right for Tim and I have my first interview in a long time on Friday, my PC is still giving me crap, it seems like I can't be in SL as well as in Skype I don't think the memory is enough to cope with all the goings on. 
Today though I am dedicating this colour post to one of my newest friends, a friend that I managed to connect with over carousel kitties even though I had been following her blog for a long time... Miss Sama Yalin! 
Sama is a Neko with a fabulous sense of style, that I was lucky enough to bond with over the Intrigue Co Carousel Kitties. She had some that I hadn't been able to win and so, although I was buying them off her at the time, we chatted for a lot longer and it was lovely to finally meet her in an IM in world, much better than just through blog comments.
This week's colour was a weird very, very pale colour and for some reason when I coloured my posing box in said colour it seemed rather cream in tone, matching cream outfits... So I went with that, but what to do, what to do? I needed an interesting idea. The colour struck me, as I was perusing the net looking for inspiration, as similar to Siamese cat fur, so that was the way I went... Siamese Rudh! I called on Sama for an opinion, she is  the most stylish Neko I know, and shall be renamed "The Glamour Puss". (DUDE SAMA that is such a cool name for your superhero identity, but shhhhh dont tell anyone it's you! LOL) 
Week 15 - Seashell Peach
Week 15: Miaow, aren't I purrrrrrrrrrdy?
What is she wearing; 
Head Kitten: +NK+ - neneko
Ears: SadiStic Designs - Neko Ears
Hair: Wasabi Pills - Kumi Pony Tail
Mouse: {PSYCHO:Byts} - Trapped Mouse
Choker: No longer available
Gloves: Sasssy Kitty Designs - Woolen Armwarmers
Hug Cat: *M* by Mui Runo - HUG amesho Cat
Outfit: [SAKIDE] - French Spring Ballet Dress
Tail: No longer available
Boots: Cipher - Punk Rock Boots

To Quote Sama, "You are a perfect little Neko", I hope I did Neko-kind proud and no one will wanna tell me off hehe, but her saying that is a compliment and I know I was so glad she approved hehe! So many kitties and I'm not even allowed one of the breedable ones!!! Lucky really, I hear they are addictive! 
Next Week - Bright Turquoise


  1. Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh.... this kitty!!!!

  2. Meow Meow Purrrrzzzz, to the kitty and the girl holding the kitty!

  3. "neko neko nurse! neko neko nurse!"
    "namamugi namagome neko neko nurse!!"

    "neko neko nurse! neko neko nurse!"
    "kaeru pyoko pyoko neko neko nurse!!"

    "neko neko nurse! neko neko nurse!"
    "sexual violet neko neko nurse!!"

    "neko neko nurse! neko neko nurse!"
    "soul train neko neko nurse!!"

    Sorry just HAD to be done - your outfit is really cute but the skirt and stockings style reminds me of an anime nurse and you remember the miko nurse gesture-spam-song I always used to love playing? So you make the cutest neko nurse ;3

  4. hehee so cute! Glamour Puss indeed!
    Aw I haven't had one of my kitties in the Challenge yet!
    Happy Easter Rudhie!

  5. The Glamour Puss eh? Yes, I think I can live with that name LOL. But I think I might be a bit too clumsy to be a superhero. I'd probably trip over my own cape!

    Aaanyway,you are a perfect little Neko ;)

  6. hey rudh do you already catched a siamese kitten at the catcha machine... look at my post from today...(not the colourchallenge post)they are as cute as you are.

  7. Wow Rudh you are looking purrrrdy!!!

  8. Oh Oh Oh *makes grabby hands at the kitten.You look purrrrfect lol :)

  9. totally cute and adorable...and I think I need tio go find a huggy kitty for myself too!