Sunday, April 1, 2012

That's some Crazy Arse Hair!

The Crazy Arse Hair Hunt, renamed as Crazy Hair Hunt because apparently people were changing the word "arse" to "ass" (both mean the same thing but arse is the British version hehe), is BACK!!! I have been talking about this hunt coming back and the coverage I have been working on for a while now, but last night I managed to post it. 
There is currently a list of 67 Stores taking part in this hunt, although the full list on Seraphim only shows 62 as 5 were MIA, but all of these stores have the collective imagination of something so awesome that the world would implode in on itself for sheer level of creativity being too high... As you can tell I am pretty impressed with this line-up, but the collage would have been too huge to show them all, so check out the post on Seraphim for the other hair photos. Many of these designers don't take part in the regular events, a fair few were new to me, and a couple of them even came out of designing retirement JUST FOR THIS HUNT!! The styles are varied, and I am love with most of them, but watch out for them in upcoming posts because I am sure these will be around for a while hehe!!!

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