Saturday, April 7, 2012

30 Days of Gratitude - Day 9

What am I greatful for today; 
1) Being able to tell a friend off and still be loved in return... My friend and I were talking about how he hasn't been well recently. While we were talking it became apparent that he doesn't eat very healthily and rarely eats vegetables (and never eating fruit!), I curtly told him that it might be a reason he has been so ill and the veggies are good for you. Thinking that would make him hate me, I was suprised when he said "Happy to know one of my friends cares enough to yell at me".... Dawwwwww!!! Oh and he shall remain nameless LOL!!
2)My New Teddy Bear... I was given the coolest teddy bear in SL today! I had one in a little version from one of the stores that participated in the Depraved Nation Gacha Event, but whilst I was talking to the stores designer, she gave me one of the big snuggly ones!!! EEEEEH... Thank you miss Iokko!! 
3) Finding an outfit for the Seraphim Photo... The girls, more so than me but I will be kinda taking part, of Seraphim have a big secret that will be put out for the world to see at some point this weekend (we hope?!). I'll talk more about the secret in another post, but for now they wanted a photo of us, as many as possible, for a group shot to announce it. Hard part was we all had to look like bunnies... Took me ages to find an outfit, but I got there in the end, just have to find Rita now! Here, lil paparazzi Rita... Follow the sound of someone wanting to be photographed hehe...
4) Being told I look cute... I had 3 random strangers IM me today to tell me I looked cute out of the blue! Two guys, one of which I spent time helping to shop and the other was just being a total flirt, fun to do but wast gonna go any further, the other was a woman who fell in love with my boots!! Was able to feel great and help people shop... YAY!
5) Skull Ice-creams... I'll make a picture tomorrow to show them off I think they are freaking awesome, more cool stuff straight from the imagination of my bestiepops Lynnieloo and her store, Kosh!
6) TEA!!!

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