Tuesday, April 24, 2012

In the street with Lyn and Rudh

Click to see the picture full size, it looks better when it is bigger hehe!!
Not only is Lynnie a freaking fab designer, running KOSH and Concrete Flowers, she is a kick butt photographer. You might have read in my 30 Days of Gratitude about being able to sit on her balls to get a photo taken, well this was the outcome!
Such a gorgeous, simple and yet brilliant photo to show the closeness that I feel with this woman. I have said, a lot, what I feel about Lynnie. She has been rather quiet of late, like me she has been kinda unhappy, and so we have been giving each other a bit of space. I am glad she is back though, I missed her! 
*hugs* Thank you for the gorgeous picture Lynnieloo!!!

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