Wednesday, April 4, 2012

30 Days of Gratitude - Day 6

What am I greatful for today; 
1) Finding out people do actually read the random crap that I write here... I was thinking that most of the stuff I put up in this blog, with the exception of the colour challenge, was stuff that people kinda ignored LOL. Most of it is a heap of badly written crap with no real depth and is about as interesting as watching paint dry, but THANK YOU to the people that do read it *hugs*
2) Being asked to go for an interview... The Hash, Marijuana and Hemp Museum in Amsterdam was the place I initially applied for, but one of their sister companies, Sensi Seed contacted me asking if I would be interested in store work. I was like SURE, any job right now would kick ass, then I realised it's a store for cannabis seeds... OH WELL beggar's can't be choosers and it will be interesting to say the least!!! Wish me luck!! 
3)Finishing the story that I was writing... It won't win me any awards, but it is something silly for an upcoming post in the next few days!
4) Getting a HUGE long list of things I wanted to do DONE!... I love that feeling of satisfaction you get when you have everything you wanted to do, done! It makes you think "Yeah I didn't waste my day!"

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  1. lol I read it! Not usually as soon as you write it, but I tend to back-track once I have time, and take in a bunch of posts at once. I don't often comment because a) I've usually spoken to you and commented on it all in real time already, and b) every time I want to comment in here I have to write a difficult screen captcha and it drives me nuts, so I only do it if I have something special to say.

    I'm glad this challenge is helping you stay a bit more upbeat anyway. *Hugs* ^.^