Tuesday, April 17, 2012

30 Days of Gratitude - Days 18 & 19

Yesterday I totally meant to get a post done for my 30 Days of Gratitude, but I spent all evening with Vix photographing the items for the Jersey Shore Hunt today, and I just felt so sleepy at 11PM that I just went to bed! I think I have this weird thing in me where I get to about 9PM and BAM! Insta-Sleepy! So today I will do two days in one... Hope that can be forgiven!

What am I greatful for today and yesterday; 
1) Getting out for some exercise... Since I don't have a job I find myself sitting behind the computer a lot, when I am not cleaning the house or walking Izzy, yet today Hell and I went to see some of the old customers that he has left over from the gardening business he used to have in the past. These are people we go to every 6 months or so, and today we got to go do some work for them... It was lovely to be gardening at these places, they are in the SUPER RICH parts of Amsterdam and the only sounds we could hear were that of cows in neighbouring fields and bees... I would love to live in one of these houses! Shame I ache all over now LOL!! 
2) The SL Bug Moments... Whilst being posed by Vix I was hit by another weird SL Bug (I seem to have no end of luck with PCs and SL at the moment huh?!) It was like some weird face eating virus... STUPID GRAPHICS GLITCHES but LOL It had Vix and I in stitches, oh and there was the issue of my shape not changing too so I wore man skin on female shape... So attactractive! 
3) A cupboard full of groceries... That's right today was a food shopping day in the RudhHellowen household. We stocked up and got a few nice extras as we always do just after Hell has been paid, and this time even got some yummies for when my parents come to visit soon!
4) New Boots... Simply the coolest boots ever! I will admit that I am addicted to Death Row Designs Boots, but seriously, THESE ARE JUST TOO FREAKIN FUNNEH TO MISS!!! I had to have them, and OK at a 200L price tag some might say they are a bit pricey for just a bit of a giggle but I couldn't resist! Now everyone, scream and run away in fear from Rudh's Killer Boots!!!

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