Sunday, April 1, 2012

30 Days of Gratitude - Day 3

Today I am greatful for; 
1) Random Cuteness that you can find on the net... I found this picture while looking for something on the net today, and tracked it to find out there is a huge collection of these FruityCuties available to download. I love the cute Kawaii style, pictures like this bring a smile to my face and lighten my day no matter what my mood!
2) The sun coming out... I don't normally like the sun, I mean OK Springtime sun is good but I don't like it when it gets too hot, today however the sun kicks butt as it means my laundry will be dry faster hehe!
3) Chocolate Eggs... I know it's not Easter for a while yet, but I am a chocoholic through and through, this time of year as well as a bunch of tulips on our main table I have a little blow of brightly coloured chocolate eggs - looking pretty and perfect little chocolate bite to take away any craving!
4) My AMAZING Bedroom Snuggle Chair... I sit here whenever I need time to think or feel sad, and it's my favourite spot to sit when I feel homesick, as my bedroom is the snuggliest place in the house! We bought this chair second hand, apparently it had been used on a famous Dutch Television Talk Show...
5) All the lovely photos I'm seeing in the colour challenge... You guys are amazing, your photos are gorgeous and like with every week I feel blow away by the difference in style, creativity and yet equally impressive photos that everyone produces... *goes off to look for more photos I haven't seen yet*

1 comment:

  1. Your bedroom is like your personality. Bright, cheery and welcoming.
    Oh, and I LOVE the chocolate malted eggs at Easter, got em sittin on my coffee table.