Sunday, April 15, 2012

52WOCC2 - Week 16

Oh well, where to start with this post. I have been blogging up a storm here recently, every day I am writing about the things I am greatful for and I love being able to see how much I have done. OK the posts wont win me any awards, but they are like always, heartfelt and very rewarding at a time when I have been on the borderline of depression. It's nice to be able to find 5 minutes at the end of the day to just sit back and post something, anything, it doesn't matter what. Maybe I will try to do one of those post a day for a year things that you see people doing sometimes, ya know like a year in pictures or something. I am NOT the best photographer but I do love taking snapshots, so maybe hmm?
This week's colour anyway, a bright colour at last, I am SO OVER PASTELS! Yet still it was a cold colour, this is becoming almost as bad for me as the run on poop colours last year, where are the reds, the yellows and - never repeat I said this -  the pinks?! Have they fallen off the colour wheel or something, Luna?? LOL BRING THEM ON HON!! 
Week 16 - Bright Turquoise
Week 16: On the look out for people wanting to end my Dictatorship LOL!
What is she wearing; 
Hat: eskimo fashion - Dicktating Whore Military Hat
Hair: Magika - TwentyFour
Eye Make-Up: Aura - Fan Girl
Gasmask: ImmateriA - Vas Sanct Lor Gargoyle Gasmask
Jacket: Envious: Mystic Memories
Dress: Blah - My Sexy Doll Dress
Necklace: KOSH - The Key
Boots: Death Row Designs - Heavy Steel

Looks like I am something kinda weird, post apocalyptic dictator meets, oh what's that film called... Hell Loves it... ummm, Resident Evil, that's the one!! (Lol had to leave that in here, shows my thought process, I am Queen of the Brain Fart Moments!!! LOL)
Next Week - Shuttle Grey


  1. FIRST COMMENT WOOOO! (Was just posting mine up and saw you'd done this.) You make a cute looking post-apocalyptic dictator, a lot of people would take you over the traditional movie villain! Then again there's something about it, maybe the hair, smacks of Fashionista style haughtiness so you're probably a prima donna with a gun and need taking out pronto. Did you ruin that city in one of your bad hair day rages? *g*

  2. If you show up at Luna's front door, looking like that, I'm sure she'll never make us do a pastel again! Wouldn't want to mess with the skimpy-dressed dictator ;)

  3. Rudh, this is indeed weird, but I like it!

  4. oh haha love to read all what you write in your post ))) nice to read how good this snapshot taking is for your well being )))

    and i love all the thoughts about all ))) go ahead like this.. your so special

  5. Rudh, this is so you...and i love it! This color looks great on you

  6. Is that really a dicktating whore military hat? Cool!


  7. Love the unexpected gas mask..we needed those with the "poop" colors. LOL!!

    You look adorable darling. Kudos to you for everyday blogging! =) Loves ya

  8. All hail Rudh the evil dictating queen! Odd but that's what I love about your posts. You always do something "outside the box"