Friday, April 13, 2012

30 Days of Gratitude - Day 15

What am I greatful for today; 
1) Friday 13th!... One of those weirdly superstitious days that people always seem to think are bad. My mum says she feels 13 is a lucky number! Let's just hope she is right as I have my rescheduled interview today!! 
2) My Interview going well... I had my first interview in a long time today. It was supposed to be last week but what with it being Easter it was postponed to today. It seemed to go pretty well, the woman and I had a few giggles and she seemed to like my answers, so keep your fingers crossed for me... I really hope that I get this job, it will be interesting and I am sure there will be lots of people that I meet on a daily basis... Wish me luck! 
3) Make-Up Remover... I hate wearing make-up and putting a face on is like sheer torture for me, but yet when you take it off, I use baby wet wipes for that btw, it feels SO GOOD to free your skin! I LOVED getting home from my interview with a chinese takeaway and putting on my jammies, before pulling my make-up off... Ahhhh Bliss! 
4) Kawaii Goodness... I have been working to cover the Kawaii Fair on Seraphim these past few days, it will be going up either tomorrow or Sunday, but there is so much cute coming outta that one small space it is unreal! If Hello Kitty was brought to life in SL it would be HERE!!!

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  1. Had my share of bad luck as well as good luck today ;-) ... guess I kinda like Friday 13th ...
    and I keep my fingers crossed for you ... or as we say in Germany ... Ich drück dir die Daumen (transl: I press my thumbs for you) .. ;-))