Tuesday, April 24, 2012

30 Days of Gratitude - Day 22ish

OK calling a post day 22 of 31 when I have actually missed a few days now does seem like cheating... I have been a bit of a bad blogger and just felt like I ran outta blogging juice recently. I think it might have something to do with the fact that I never blogged on my personal ramblings everyday before, but although I had a reason to I just couldn't find the things to say that I wanted to.
I got kinda depressed, brought on I guess by the fact that I had a monthly visit from my own personal "red army" as well as the fact that I haven't heard anything about the job I had the interview for, mixed with computer trouble! Sometimes it just gets to be too much ya know?
Yet anyway, I am determined to finish this challenge, and although I have missed a few days I plan to pick up where I left off...

What am I greatful for today;
1) A few days of peace... It is weird, taking myself away from blogging and SL pretty much has given me a renewed vigour for it. I find myself actually wanting to blog something now, so I guess a few days peace and down time never hurt anyone!
2) The nice things people say... One of my newest friends, Suki Steampunk, is a woman I adore, after not knowing her for long and meeting through Seraphim I will say that I am greatful for getting to know her and our, as she puts it, "Bro-Ho-Mance". She wrote something really sweet on her new blog about Seraphim in general, and said I was "one of her favourite people, period", it's comments like that, that even though you know loads of people care about, are always nice to hear!!! Check out her blog, maybe I can get her to photograph me one day?!
3) Time to take some photos... I got to have a ride on Lynnie's Balls today. Poseballs I mean, she told me to park my butt on a pose ball she would move around while she took some pics. Then after dinner I played around taking pics of Hell's new bikes, the colour challenge pic AND put together a new look I wanna photograph soon!!! I AM ON A ROLL!!  

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