Saturday, September 11, 2010

Well, I Never!!!

Ok well... I guess I should say welcome to my blog... I never thought that I would have one of these, in fact I used to laugh at people that did have them. I always thought that it was a way for those with nothing better to do to have somewhere to bitch to the world, somewhere they thought that their voices actually made a difference, yet here I am, creating my own... 
Blogs seem rather strange things, they are MEMEME focused expression spaces, and unlike other sites, LJ for example, which I always believed to be more about bringing people with similar interests together, the blogging world was all about the LOOK WHAT I DID AND WHO I WANT TO BITCH ABOUT... 
Yet, I began thinking, I am not in Secondlife as much as I once was, I am finally settled with the fairytale that I wanted... My partner in world, HellBone Barbosa, is my partner in Real Life and honestly, I couldn't be happier... So why start a blog? Well I guess I wanted a bit of the MEMEME, I want to share my thoughts, feelings and maybe even sometimes my favourite stores, outfits and other such stuff... PLUS I wanted a place to be able to show off my rubbish skills at photography and to let my mates, and they know they are, know just how fun life with them is... Through blogging, maybe I can do that! 

Or knowing me, it will end up a random pile of rambled crap?! 

Which actually seems a bit more likely! Hold on to you hats ladies and gents, the blogging of Rudh's Random Ramblings has begun... *cue crazy lady type laughing*


  1. Mwahahahaha indeed - now we are not safe, we must RUN AND HIIIIIIIIDE! O.O

    lol j/k I have nothing to hide... I think... plus I know where to find you if you embarrass me >:D

    I ought to make one of these as somewhere to put all my crazy photos, which never see the light of day..! Whaddya think?