Monday, January 5, 2015

On Angels Wings...

When the song "On Angels Wings" - that later changed to Eagles Wings by the way - was written based around psalms from the Bible, I'm not sure they meant anything about sitting on them... Though when a chair looks this good, and when you need somewhere quiet to sit and think, I'd imagine an Angel Wing chair might be the best place for it!
I will admit that I've set one out in my little playhouse, and have been making a great deal of use of it recently, as my mind has been stuck dealing with something that I cannot really divulge much information about and will only say that it has my mind in knots and doing cartwheels all at once! You never know, you may hear more about it later lol, you know me I'm the queen of rambling about things!
For now though let me give a few details... The chair in question is actually the Angel Chair from Kalopsia - which I believe you can still pick up at No.21, although I am not sure when the line-up changes. These chairs come in a selection of different colours, and include high and low versions, each with different poses. Not just that though, you get a set of cloud lamps to use with the chair, or without them if that's what you want... I think these chairs are a bargain at the price you pay!
I don't know quite how I ended up dressed as a skankish looking unicorn, sitting on an Angel Wing Chair, and this wasn't initially going to be a picture that I posted but as I was trying out the chair the beginnings of the photo just seemed to happen.
I'd been dressed in my old Razor short shorts, my favourite new boots I discovered on the marketplace and am too scared to check out the mainstore of for fear that I will go broke - the store is House of Shoes by the way - and a new leather and wool sweater from SPIRIT - that you can also grab yourself for a bargain price, in a selection of different colours, at No.21.
It was, however, my choice of headgear that took my biker chick outfit to a new level of HUH? That's not a bad HUH? That's more like a HUH? Does that go together? style HUH? Who cares if people think it looks odd together, I LOVE IT!!! The stand alone Unicorn Hoodie - meaning it's just the hood part not a full Hoodie - is a brilliant creation from Olive featuring all the adorable things any unicorn needs... Two ears, a pretty coloured mane and the obligatory horn, and the simple fact it has been made overly big so that you can fit your chosen hairstyle into it, mean that this hoodie is so worth tickling the gacha machine at No.21 for.
All that's left for me to say though is two little things... One, what colour unicorn will you be? Two, has someone got a ladder so that I can climb down from this high chair I don't want to break my favourite boot heels?!
What is she wearing;
Hat: Olive - The Unicorn Hoodie in Black Fur Rainbow (Available now at No.21)
Hair: Magika - Such
Skin: Glam Affair - Lauren in America 07 (Past Collabor88 Item)
Face Wounds: (Under the Eyes) Utopiah - Excessive Pain Makeup
Top: SPIRIT - Terty Ripped Top in Black (Available now at No.21)
Shorts: Razor - Vas Micro Shorts in Black
Boots: House of Shoes - Vanessa Leather Boots
Chair: Kalopsia - Angel Chair (Available now at No.21)

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