Thursday, January 29, 2015

Beware of the Toilets in Japan!

Before I ramble off in my crazy mixed up story today, I want to point out that I mean NO OFFENCE to anyone Japanese! I have never been there and I'm hoping that the stories used by the designers, which I will be basing my ramble from, are just myths!!! Least I hope so anyway!! 
Today I am getting a little creative, least that's what my mind is suggesting I am doing, others might disagree LOL... 
This little series of photos will suggest to you WHY it's not a good idea to use the toilet in Japan! After this, if I ever visit I WILL be taking my own toilet paper with me LOL... Thank you Horror Haute for providing a little insight into that... 
"Blood on a wall in a toilet means you should leave..." Technically this goes for ANYWHERE in the world not just in Japan... Although I don't know if the Myth would be applicable anywhere in the world! Luckily, Brick-A-Brack's owner, and designer of the Aka Manto toilet, Dena Farspire, has provided a little background to her reasoning for making a toilet in a Japanese Horror theme! 
"Aka Manto approaches people in bathroom stalls (usually the outdoor variety) and asks them a simple, if perplexing question: "Would you like red paper or blue paper?" If you say red, your flesh is sliced into ribbons until you're effectively red. If you choose blue, you're strangled to death. If you pick any other colour, you're dragged to hell." - Taken from her notecard, thanks Dena. 
SO, point to be made here, if you're going to the toilet in Japan, and someone asks you about loo roll... What do you say? Either "Thanks but No thanks, I brought my own" or "Who cares about wiping my butt I am outta here!"
Unless you want to end up like this?! 
While we are discussing these photos by the way, let me just point out one other very important thing, which would be my outfit. The dress I am wearing - should that be kimono or something else I'm never sure so I will stick with dress lol - is from Tasty Pudding. It includes bloody and clean versions, and due to the two pictures I'm wearing both - but the second one has been pulled up around my butt because well no one wants to pee on their dress?!
Now, the Aka Manto is supposedly the one that is going to either cut you to ribbons or strangle you for your choice in toilet roll... I never saw what the myth looked like, but I did notice two very shifty looking characters wandering around, baring very similar knives to the ones in my dead girl back! 
It feels like the carnival is in town... First the murder in the toilet and now these two - potential - candidates to the culprit have been spotted. 
I will tell you now, I know for a fact that the looks they are wearing come from this month's round of Horror Haute, but don't look too long, those evil eyes might spot you... I hear whispers about them being Rokurokubi... 
As with the toilet, this look's designer - Naenia Demina of ImmateriA - included a notecard with the story behind this myth... "The Long Neck Woman, or “Rokurokubi”, is a Japanese urban legend about female creatures that look and act like normal humans. But at night their necks grow longer and longer, freeing their heads to move around almost independently from their bodies. Most Rokurokubi are young, attractive women, and they take pleasure in scaring regular humans. Some Long Neck Rokurokubi actually prefer to live their lives pretending to be a human. Although they may appear to be completely normal people, every night, their necks grow and grow, getting longer and longer, stretching out through windows in search of human prey." Just look for stretch marks in the neck area!!! Everything you see in this look, besides the knives, red hair - which is a brand new release from Truth by the way - and the rings are included in this HUGE offering from ImmateriA!!! 
After all that though, the most important things to remember when visiting Japan... Take you're own loo roll to the toilet when you go and check any women you meet for stretch marks on their necks LOL

What is she wearing;
Look 1:
Hair: Magika - You
Skin: Glam Affair - Lauren in America 07 (Past Collabor88 Item)
Face Wounds: (Under the Eyes) Utopiah - Excessive Pain Makeup, AND, (Cheek) Fallen Doll - WickedFaceScar
Outfit: Tasty Pudding - The Spurned Lovers in Geisha (Available for Horror Haute January)
Knives: Death Row Designs - Gorefest in Stabbed by Housewife (Past Event Release)
Look 2:
Up-do Hair: Truth - Ivana 
Outfit (Including Long Neck, Black Hair, Skin & Eyes): ImmateriA - Rokurokubi (Available for Horror Haute January
Mouthie: SAKIDE - Knife (Part of Nasty Witch Outfit)
Knives: (Long Neck) Embody - Butcher Knife for SLASHER 5 Pose, AND, (Short Neck) Yellow JesteR - A Bloody Chefs Knife 
Poses & Props:
Toilet Pose: Brick-A-Brack - Aka Manto's Question (Available for Horror Haute January)
Standing Pose (Photo 1): Signature Pose - Paul Shaun 1
Couple Pose:  Image Essentials - Feeling Groovy (Coming Soon at The Hipster Fair!)

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