Friday, January 30, 2015

Ummmm HellBone, what's that on the TV?

This is one of the rarest moments in the universe... Rarer than rocking horse poop, and rarer still than a black rainbow. I can tell you now, that when I was talking to him about it, he offered and I nearly collapsed in a faint from my chair! 
HELLBONE wanted to be the star of one of my blog posts, ALONE!!! He actually volunteered! Like without any prompting! He saw the props, told me what the pose should be set up like and then posed in it, before I could even say anything... 
NOT that I am complaining of course, it's just WHAT THE HELL JUST HAPPENED LOL... Maybe it was the props that I had to play with that made him want to?! 
He is a bonafied Horror Movie freak! One of his RL prized possessions is a genuine mask from the original Friday the 13th movies, and I guess he was a little excited to see items that were inspired by the Japanese Horror, The Ring! I don't mind admitting that this isn't one of the horror films I've ever seen. The thought of something crawling out of the tv is just UGHHHHHH, so I was kinda glad Hell took the lead! 
He pulled himself up a chair, to relax after all the hard work he has done in creating the new Gator Sim - yes the MC family now has one! - although he never takes off his boots or gloves! Imagine the smell if that was RL LOL... 
If we were to take the armchair he's lounging in out of the picture though, the rest of these items are Horror Haute releases from Botanica Diabolique. There are three of them, but I have been a little naughty and you will need to look closely for the third one... 
The Sadako TV slowly fades in an out of static, when the picture becomes clear you see the wood where Samara´s well can be seen. I was naughty here, the Samara At The Well that you see on the screen, is another item from Botanica Diabolique. It is not visible on the screen but a stand alone prop that I naughtily photoshopped together like that!!! 
I also wanted to use, because I really liked them, the Okiku's Plates. The story of these plates is one of Japanese folklore... A wealthy samurai wanted his pretty servant to be his lover and though she refused he tried to trick her by suggesting that she'd broken one of the families plates. After another refusal, he threw her down a well, and after her death she returned as a vengeful spirit... Counting to nine and shrieking, either in representation of the broken plate or in agony at not finding a tenth! Such a beautifully sad story and a lovely decorative item... How could I say no to using them?! 
Hopefully this won't be the last we see of HellBone, though maybe Samara is coming through the TV to get him?! Failing that maybe I will get him to pose more LOL... I don't really know which is worse for him! 

What is he wearing:
Skin: najl desings - ZENDO (No Longer Available!)
PJs: Pixicat - Whimsical Onesie in Skeleton (Past The Arcade Release) 
Gloves: ISPACHI - Upheaval Gloves in Relaxed 
Boots: Gos - Triumph Boots in Black 
Well: Botanica Diabolique - Samara At The Well (Available for Horror Haute January
Arm Chair: Diavolo Creations - Rockers Armchair in Dirty Skull
TV: Botanica Diabolique - Sadako Tv  (Available for Horror Haute January
Wall Plates: Botanica Diabolique - Okiku's Plates  (Available for Horror Haute January)

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