Friday, January 23, 2015

Japanese Horror this way comes...

There's something coming... Drawing closer and closer as each minute passes... The wicked laughter taunting and making the hairs of their next victims stand on end, as the sounds of heavy objects are thrown around a locked room in the sky...
One of SL's darkest events is on it's way in... Horror Haute will be rolling out the red carpet very soon, welcoming you to come and sample some of it's wares, luring you into the dark with it's promise of pretties... You wouldn't be the first to succumb to it's macabre nature, and no doubt you wíll be the last... You have been warned, something horrific this way comes, and this time it's oriental as we enter the land of the rising sun!
OK OK I know sometimes I can be a tad over dramatic, but what the heck, if I cannot do that here then where can I?!
However, what was said in the ramble above is correct... Horror Haute January is on it's way in, and this time it will be Japanese Horror themed! I've already sampled some of the sights, trust me you're in for a fright, but I always find myself overly excited and desperate to dive into the Horror Haute goodie box each month. This time, maybe doubly so, and it's mostly the fault of a band that I seem to have become addicted to! If you haven't heard of BabyMetal - you will get to see them at the end of this ramble lol - then you should. I get the feeling they are like Marmite, you either love them or hate them, and I'm definitely on the addicted side. It's J-Pop meets Metal, and though you may think I am bonkers it ALWAYS gets me dancing...
Anyway, I was inspired by the adorable lolita goth and kawaii style of the girls in the band, so my Horror Haute Teaser is something in a combination of the two genres lol... It actually sums my two halves up pretty well LOL...
For Horror Haute this month you can get your hands on this gorgeous [Stargazer Creations] Yurei Skin - thank goodness she's taken a break from torturing me with rainbow colours lol - and although the options available included all different make-up styles I HAD to wear the one with the gaping mouth hehe... It went too well with the scars that permanently adorn my face!
The Kawaii elements just seemed to happen as if by luck lol... I'd been to the latest round of The Kawaii Project and spotted these adorable dresses from katat0nik. I instantly wanted the Rare versions which is covered with apples and skulls - aptly named poison apple - and normally I don't hold my breath as I never have the luck to win Rares, but this one fell into my lap first try YAY!!! Then I remembered the adorable little Apple Bag that was a special gift from katat0nik at The Arcade this Christmas... I HAD TO USE IT TOGETHER... It wasn't until after this photo was taken that I spotted katat0nik Pidgeon herself had done the same thing *facepalms*, so this one is in homage to her LOL...
Lastly, and as a finishing touch, this secretive monster girl reached for her Kitsune Mask - Japanese Fox Mask - from Zyn. I'd not heard of this store before, but since looking there is a few things that I will definitely be spending my lindens on hehe...
One last thing to finish us off today, and get you in the dancing mood for the weekend... A little bit of BabyMetal... Introducing BabyMetal and their song, Megitsune, which seems to mean Vixen?!

What is she wearing;
Hair: Magika - You
Skin: [Stargazer Creations] - Yurei Skin in M01 (Coming soon for Horror Haute January)
Eyes: REPULSE - Bane Eyes in Gold Sclera
Face Wounds: (Under the Eyes) Utopiah - Excessive Pain Makeup, AND, (Cheek) Fallen Doll - WickedFaceScar
Nose Piercing: DirtyStories - Heart Nose Piercing (Past Suicide Dollz Item)
Dress: Katat0nik - Fitmesh Sweatshirt in Poison Apple Rare (Available now at The Kawaii Project)
Bag: Katat0nik - Apple Bag (Past Arcade Freebie) 
Mask: Zyn - Fancy Kitsune Mask
Pose: Uncertain Smile - Apple 2 (Past Event Release)

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