Friday, January 2, 2015

Me and My Blog... Monday's Meme

A while ago now Miss Strawberry Singh was our leader, posting regular blog memes that we could dip into and out of as we had time. I tried to complete them every week but there were times that I just missed out due to RL... One of those times was a series of questions that asked us about our blogs, our blogging style and even asked for some tips to help others. I still consider myself to be a new blogger, I know that the random ramblings have been active for a while now, but in the blogging world I am still a total unknown. I don't ever score masses of likes, I don't think I have a wide fanbase - although I do know the people that read my ramblings, read them regularly - and I have always been a little outside the box when it comes to blogging. I blog what I love, I don't fit the popular styles most of the time and if I am totally honest, that is just the way I want it to be. I wouldn't want it any other way...
As goes to to show with the photo I have chosen to put with this series of questions!
Like I will no doubt say later on, I AM more than a little addicted - or should that be hooked? - to the process that goes into the blogging, photography and editing aspects of keeping an online journal. Without this addiction, I am not sure I would have anything to do with myself in SL anymore LOL...
Let's answer the questions, and if you're really lucky I might add a clearer shot of my look at the bottom!
Simple and fun it's question and answer time...
Which electronic devices do you use to blog with? I hate to admit it but I am so old school lol, when it comes to blogging I will only use my PC - sometimes I write a post on my work PC but it is always done sitting behind a desk lol...
Do you have a mission statement for your blog, if so, what is it? My blog has and will always be like my journal. I LOVE to share the things I find and love in SL, but I also on occasion will discuss issues that matter to me, along with the odd Meme or Challenge along the way. I try to keep it fun and light and entertaining, because that is the kind of blog I like to read myself!
How do you feel about blogs that use their platforms to spread negativity? I am sure there is a reader base for those but I am not really interested so I avoid them.
Are you a grammar junkie? Do you thoroughly check your blog for errors before posting and/or do you judge other people’s posts if they contain errors? Ummm No lol not really... I am so bad at checking my blog posts before I post them. Sometimes I just check for the red squigglies under words and don't pay any attention to grammer... Sorry to anyone who reads my blog for that by the way... I only have one pet hate when it comes to grammer and it is people who write in text speak... "U" and "R" is just laziness, they AREN'T long words to type people LOL...
If you could switch blogs with another blogger who would it be? There is a lot of blogs that I read and from time to time I think I wish I'd done that lol... I love all kinds of blogs for different reasons. My bloggerette friends Eliza Quixote and Mildread Gloom, are people I would love to swap with for the day... Eliza's posts are very feminine and Millie's are even darker than mine tend to be, so it would be fun to play with their different styles. OH AND... Berry! LOL! I'd love to be able to say I had a blog that provided entertainment and education like yours!
Has your blog/blogging style evolved over the year(s)? How? I would hope it has, I can say that my photography style has improved especially in the last year. I've always written from the heart though, so I am not sure.
What is the most extraordinary thing that has happened to you because of blogging? Hmmm I think the most extraordinary thing that happened to me due to blogging was the fact that I found myself a SL mum of two kids - then three and now finally none LOL... Basically I was working for the shopping blog Seraphim, and one of the bloggers and I were joking around I said I was so much taller than her I looked like I could be her mum... Was the weirdest experience of my SL... Not one that I will be repeating again either LOL...
When it comes to Second Life blogs, there are different styles: Fashion bloggers, Lifestyle & Travel bloggers, Informative bloggers, and more. Which style do you prefer and where do you feel your blog fits in? I do love a good fashion blog, it makes my SL shopping experience seem a whole lot easier, like looking through a catalogue hehe... I also love to read the information blogs to learn new tips and tricks, as well as the lifestyle blogs that can make you laugh or cry... I have always said that my blog isn't fashion related, although no days I am talking about the things I buy more and more, but I'd have to say that my blog seems to be more of a lifestyle blog with fashion mixed in... Who knows maybe I will start working on travel soon too?!
What has blogging taught you? Blogging has shown me I should have a lot more confidence in myself and made me see that my opinions do matter no matter how many people they are reaching. I know I don't have the biggest blog reader audience in the world, but one small spark of an idea can grow at any time and I shouldn't be shy or ashamed of how I feel about things. I love sharing with people, I love trying to improve myself and I love the fact that here, on my blog I can do what I want... It took me a while to realise, but if people don't like what I am doing they can just turn off!!! Share your top 3 tips for new bloggers.
* ALWAYS blog what YOU like and don't feel pressured to blog what people tell you you have to blog!
* There will always be someone that enjoys reading your opinions, never be shy to share them
* There is NO PRESSURE! If you are blogging for stores then they might want you to get new releases covered soon after their release but otherwise you can take your time on things to get it as you want to see it!

What is she wearing;
Hair: Magika - Clumsy
Skin: Glam Affair - Lauren in America 07 (Past Collabor88 Item)
Face Wounds: (Under the Eyes) Utopiah - Excessive Pain Makeup, AND, (Cheek) Fallen Doll - WickedFaceScar
Piercing: Cute Poison - Starlust Piercings
Nose Piercing: DirtyStories - Heart Nose Piercing (Past Suicide Dollz Item)
Collar: FAUX - Pop Lock & Drop Necklace in Gun Metal (No Longer Available!)
Top: Mesh Head - Ladies Leather Top (Part of an Outfit)
Bracelets: ReVeRie - SeLKies Bangles (No Longer Available!)
Skirt: Sn@tch - Lexi Mini Skirt in Red
Boots: House of Shoes - Vanessa Leather Boots
Close-Up Pose: Signature Pose - Bootylicious 4

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