Friday, January 9, 2015

Can I get a lift?

Those crazy days when all you want to do is go out dancing, let your hair down and not care about the things that are haunting you, no matter how 'psycho' they might be, come and go... I am in the midst of that feeling and it's hard to believe they came so early on this year... Kinda sucks when you think about it really? The thought of knowing that drama is likely to blow up in your face at any given time! It's almost like waiting for a bus, you know it's coming!!!
I guess in light of everything that has been going on in the world lately, my worries seem more than a little petty. To an outsider - or should that be anyone that's not in my head with me - things would seem like pointless worries, but to me they are a series of personal issues and my brain just will not stop them being mulled over and over!
So, Rudh went dancing... Distracting my mind is a necessary thing. RL has been full of watching the news about the "Je Suis Charlie" campaign over the recent horrific attacks and SL seems to be filling up with pointless bleh... It was necessary to let her hair down!
The place I decided to check out was a new club called Master Bates Motel and Strip Club... Now I know what you're thinking, YES it's an Adult place and YES there are places to do lots of naughty things, but I'd heard it was good and heard it had a good atmosphere... Unfortunately when I went over, there was no one there but an AFK dancer... Still the place looks great, I will have to go back hehe...
The outfit was just too cute - least I think so anyway - not to share it with you! I had my hair curled up into a retro look that I have been wearing recently, called You from Magika, and it was definitely the most girlie part of my outfit hehe... It descended into debauchery from there LOL...
The skirt was the reason that I started to pull this look together though, I was out shopping at Christmas with a very old friend who dragged me to Mesh Head. Now I'd heard a LOT about this store - it's like a Biker Paradise for shopping and I know that a lot of the Gator girlies go there - I'd never been but now I might have to start perusing their items on the marketplace... I LOVE this Spiked Skirt. The textures are great and the options that it comes with are awesome too... I decided to keep the top fairly simple, and this Kio-Kio Bitch Bra just seemed like a great match with the skirt!
Then to my favourite part... ACCESSORIES!!! I love finishing a look with accessories, not like some people where everything seems to get thrown at an outfit, but enough so I have pretties to accentuate an outfit! Pretties like the new collar I bought myself - no one ever gets to leash to it I just love collars hehe - from CerberusXing. It's a Plug Me In Collar with a USB cable that runs around my neck and down my back! I've also put on one - yes one because I am cool and can wear odd things on my feet LOL - of the Implant series Chained Heels from the same store. I LOVE their creations, and luckily someone awesome gave me a shopping spree in their store for Christmas - YAY THANK YOU by the way x. On the other foot I strapped myself into an item that was created for the Depraved Nation Frost Event, which has now closed, but I am hoping you will still be able to find at the mainstore. This is one of the Foot Straps released by Cute Poison. They come in a series of colours, and each one comes in a pair.
Now all I need to do is wait, I called the MC hoping someone would come get me on their bike. I hope that someone comes to get me before something comes out of that creepy looking house on the hill... That place looks far too familiar...

What is she wearing;
Hair: Magika - You
Skin: Glam Affair - Lauren in America 07 (Past Collabor88 Item)
Eyes: Insufferable Dastard - Zombie Eyes
Face Wounds: (Under the Eyes) Utopiah - Excessive Pain Makeup, AND, (Cheek) Fallen Doll - WickedFaceScar
Piercing: Cute Poison - Starlust Piercings
Nose Piercing: DirtyStories - Heart Nose Piercing (Past Suicide Dollz Item)
Collar: CerberusXing - Plug Me in Collar in Black (Past Event Release)
Top: Kio-Kio - Bitch Bra in Cyber Black
Skirt: Mesh Head - Spiked Skirt in Black
Foot Strap: Cute Poison - Foot Straps in Black (Past Event Release)
Heel: CerberusXing - Implant Series in Chained Heels (Past Event Release)
Pose: Starry Heaven - Satomi 3 (No Longer Available!)
Prop: Label Motion - My Mobile Phone in Blue Pose Prop

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