Thursday, January 1, 2015

Happy New Year 2015

The curtain closes on the old year, and a new one begins... The world is waking up slowly here in Holland, although it's already 11am - as I post - a heavy cloud of gray blue gunpowder stained smog hangs in the air... A silence you could cut with a knife fills is all you can hear, and the sense of calm after the crazed night of partying is like a mini heaven. 
It's at this time that I often find myself in a contemplative mood... I start thinking back over the year that I've had, the experiences I've shared with people and the things that have made me stronger... 
Maybe you'd bear with me as I vent my feelings...
Let's have a little think... RL first... The most obvious thing that has changed for me this year is that I went from being a Miss to a Mrs, HellBone and I tied the knot in April and although nothing changed in our relationship I started to feel more grown up, more like an adult than I ever have before. 
SL I am proud to say that, even though it gives me a HUGE amount of headaches, the Gators MC is flourishing. We had some very bad times in the past year, but as a family we've pulled through and proved to each other time and time again we're better off together than alone! 
Neither life has had any major changes, and you know what, I like it that way... 
I've grown closer with some of my favourite people, connecting with friends I thought I'd lost. There have been fights too, but then again there always is. I've lost people yes, but if they don't fight through the trouble then I've learnt that it's not worth clinging on to! I learnt that the hard way this year! 
My blog has continued to be my favourite past-time - or should that say addiction?! - allowing me to express myself though my words and my pictures, in a way that no other medium could. OK so I'm not the most widely read blogger, and I don't have a massive amount of likes on Flickr, but that doesn't bother me... I still, as always, do this for me and me alone! I've improved - as far as I'm concerned - and I love the direction that my newly improved skill is taking me, I will strive for better but so far I'm happy hehe... 
As for resolutions, well I don't tend to make proper ones... There are things I'd like to work on in both lives, but I will say one thing though, all I really want for 2015 is to be happy, healthy, surrounded by people who love me and able to smile at least once a day! That's not too much to ask is it?! 
Happy New Year everyone, I hope 2015 is a great one... Let's make it a year to remember shall we?!

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