Sunday, July 29, 2012

52WOCC2 - Week 31

Last week's photo was brilliantly awesomely epic... I loved the picture so much and was a little worried about this week. Firstly it was a green tone and secondly HOW was I ever going to top that photo from last week. 
I wracked my brain trying to come up with ideas that would work with the colour. There was one idea that seemed to somehow get itself lodged in my idea box and it kinda sorta seems fitting! The idea was involving something that is very common theme to the Welsh - dragons! I went with a Welsh Dragon in green look this week... I decided to go with a funny photo rather than something serious, and the end photo seems to look like something out of a retro TV Show like the Thunderbirds... Well maybe kinda lol... 
Week 31 - Wales
Week 31: Giant Human Guinea Pig Rider Terrorises Shanghai!
What is she wearing; 
Outfit (including hair): Intrigue Co - Dragon PJs 
Companion? (Dunno what to put for him as a category really lol): Intrigue Co - Guineasaurus in Black & White Dutch 

I always used to think why are the buildings always a little bit blurry in some of those shows, and I love the fact that they are slightly blurred in this picture too. The photo is very Intrigue Co orientated lol, but then seriously how can you refuse to use the stuff... I AM INTRIGUE CO OBSESSED!!! 
Woah this is a short colour challenge post from me, but I have run outta things to say so, moving on LOL... OH OH OH, I just found I have now been syndicated on I heart SL feed (YAY *happy dances*), one thing I did notice however was that my text seemed very small, so BOOM I'm making it bigger - why did no one tell me it was too small LOL...
Next Week -  Jonquil


  1. That giant dragon we will not overlook always your post is full of fantasy.. i like that very much...i used my spectacles dear, that is why i always could read your funny stories too.. you saw my post: going nuts with pistacchio? : There you can see how i try to follow you . ;)

  2. help ... the welsh monster-hamster hitting town ... erm ... I mean dragon ... DRAGON ... forgive me ... don't eat me, pleeeeaaaase ...
    /me grins ... love that pic ... *hugs*

  3. Loooool always looking out for your post to see what you done with the color Great and funny Epic !!

  4. When you see a Giant Human Guinea Pig Rider, you know you've reached Rudh's Random Ramblings ;)Just epic!

  5. Only you could make a welsh dragon cute and cuddly! =) Love your colors you used and the city bacground. Congrats on the I hearts SL! Your font isnt to small for me at all. It makes me wonder now if mine is to small to see. Hmmm.
    Oh well..great job on welsh this week love, have a good one! xo

  6. OMG this is the best pic ever. I love it, you are so freaking adorable.

  7. Well that just made me laugh out loud. Monster guinea pig takes over 52woc, love it! :)

  8. Bwahahahahaaaa you know I love this :D A funny pic is a great contrast to a beautiful one. That means next week you have to do scary. For yellow XD Or you could put your plushie wee on your shoulder...