Saturday, July 21, 2012

Exploration of Pirate BunBun

The Plushie Pirate Crew made a stop recently at the shores around our home land to deposit one of their crew. Pirate BunBun says that it was somewhat of a mutiny - he was the Plushie Pirate Captain Croc's right hand bunny - seems like they got irritated with his complaining about a lack of carrots that were available on board, and I do believe I heard him mumbling about the fact they told him it wasn't a cruise liner. 
So we have a new inhabitant in the garden, he was there a couple of days ago, and I spotted him wandering around briefly as I was able to shoot this photo, yet who knows where he may be now! He was looking for buried treasure, I just hope he doesn't wander too far into Werewolf territory... This was the last photo of BunBun before he disappeared - if you've seen my new friend Pirate BunBun please let me know he's still alive... It's a swamp out there! 
LOL - As soon as I saw this Pirate Bunny I NEEDED him! It was much more of a need than a want, and I couldn't be without him. Unfortunately he was in a gacha machine and those things are EVILLLLLLLL!!!! They eat my monies! I tried a few times, to no avail, whilst chatting with my favourite Veggie Burger, and she wanted the pirates too, though she was fighting with Hair Fair Lag at the time! I went away disappointed, though happy enough to have made Jasmine smile by giving her a duck LOL. She convincing as always persuaded me that she had more luck with pirates - I didn't believe her and maybe I should have!
THANK YOU VEGGIEB *hugs tight so your eyes pop out* YAYYYYY!!!! 
To get your very own pirate bunny, you may wanna go try your luck at HPMD! All the prizes in the gachas are adorable but be warned, it will eat your money hehe!

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  1. Wow, Pirate Bun Bun looks so malevolent in the picture -- awesome, amazing, pirate-a-licious!

    Yayyyyyy to HPMD and pirate goodness!!!