Monday, July 23, 2012

Happy Birthday, Happy Rezzday!

Been at work today and as per the last few days that I have been busy working my butt off at my new job, I feel more than a little sleepy so I will keep this post short - LOL me and short that's kinda funny, I can't do short I ramble too much! 
I wanted to post two random photos, snapped in world (although I did put borders on them too), so that I can send a little love and a few special day hugs to two of my favourite people!


Hellywelly - HAPPY 5th REZDAY BABY! 

Lots of love to you both today, I hope there will be a chance I get to see you but if I don't, especially to Shiny who lives on opposite side of the world to me time (and as I live with Hell it's hard to miss him hehe!), I love you lots and hope you have a fabitty fab day! Mum has presents for you Shinybum! 
*HUGE HUGS* Now I am going to go sit on the floor in the shower and cool off hehe!!!

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