Saturday, August 4, 2012

Lazy Panda

Been a lazy blogger, been a bit lazy in general... Since I've been working I have been spending more time being lazy, getting off the train from work, getting into my over-sized baggie nightshirts and vegging out in front of the TV. Hell has been cooking dinner, the house work has been done only to a certain degree and I haven't ventured out of the house for anything more than to walk Izzy. My SL time has been pretty limited too, I don't know why but my brain has been failing to function and only yesterday was I able to really think 'yeah I wanna go do something in SL'. 
So I went digging through my inventory, which I have been a bad girl with and not tided up in a while, I had better do that or it will get outta control and that never happens LOL! I put on an outfit I LOVE and will no doubt be wearing for a while, and then found my new D-LAB PANDAS! 
Seems like every time D-LAB releases something I have to have it... Maybe I should start referring to it as an addiction - some people get addicted to skins or hair or whatever, I get addicted to cute LOL! When D-LAB released these adorable pandas for Fifty Linden Friday a couple of weeks ago now, I couldn't get to the store fast enough, yet they have just sat hiding in my hoard until I found a place for them. I think this place near the waterfall in our garden is the best place - though he wont stay there as Hell doesn't want the cute invading too much of the dead garden lol - and I just love the way the light is falling on our faces... Gives me that feeling of peace and relaxation that I needed after my hard few days at work hehe!
The peace never remains for long - my two beautiful daughters and the updating of store posters for H&C Wheels made sure of that this time - but those ten minutes of serenity really push the motivation button somewhere inside me and give me the boost I need... Question is now, where do I start?


  1. That's a gorgeous shot, if I was Hell's gf I would 'accidentally' leave cute stuff all over the place so you're being very good *g* We've been having a giggle over Katlien's stuffie giraffe in my castle, because I kept moving it around and Sam was sure it was following him - WITH THE BEADY EYES OF LUCIFER! That's the only cute, but SPN art seems to be taking over at an alarming rate...

  2. ow this is a super picture Rudh.. very serene.. and i love the lights too..