Saturday, July 28, 2012

Tea, Cakes and an Invasion!

VeggieB asked me over for a spot of tea and some cake the other day. She wanted me to come help test out her new table in the garden, she provided tea and cakes, but within minutes of us sitting at the table we were invaded!!!
Pirates, birds and even a horse stopped by at one point - though the horse wandered off when he realised we didn't have any carrots - and the cheeky Pirate Bunny kept stealing my cakes!! How very rude!
Though as I am sitting here writing this, my eyes glance over the spot of tea line again and again, I know that it is a phrase that was something typically English - it was used a lot historically but what the hell is a spot of tea? Time to get my history geek brain working... It would seem that a spot of tea refers to a number of different things depending on where it is being used. Historically it comes in reference to 'High Tea' served mid afternoon to evening, where food was served as well as a cup of tea, but 'tea' can also mean an evening meal  up North in England too... I get so geeky about things like this I love exploring the meanings of things, and I guess that can be somewhat reflected in my choices of Archaeological study. I loved studying the periods that were still relatively unknown, periods that could still be open to interpretation - stuff like the Romans and the Egyptians bores the pants off me, I am sorry and people will think its nuts because whenever I tell them I studied archaeology they always start talking about the Egyptians, but SO MUCH can be taken from everything they left behind there is very little room for interpretation... Give me a time period like the Dark Ages of Britain and I start getting excited LOL! 
Enough of that though, I love the photo that VeggieB took, it is so cute and colourful and happy. I was dressed in an awesome top from Into Dust, and a cute but older hair from Truth - I have SO MUCH new hair from Hair Fair and have I worn it? Not really lol... Oh well maybe next time. For details about VeggieB's outfit you'd need to check out her post on Usually Blonde (such a good blog it's always worth a read!) Thank you for the tea and cake VeggieB *hugs*


  1. Hehe ... the pic reminds me of Beatrix Potter's pics ;-) ... lovely ...
    and I'd always be in for some nice cup of english tea ... taken in whatever period ... *grins*

  2. Yay for the tea party and darn those little critters eating your cake!

    I like the origin of words and sayings as well, but I always forget if that's etymology or entomology -- words, insects, one or the other!

    Maybe next time we'll take the horse for a ride!