Monday, July 9, 2012


I have always been in love with the photos of Miss Jasmine Ballinger, she is in my top 10 SL photographers list - the people that make me think WOW every time I see some of their photo artwork. Jasmine - aka Veggie Burger by me at least - makes very soft, pretty photos the vast majority of the time. They have a real delicate and feminine feel to them, if that makes sense, and I love the way she brings out bright colours.
We'd been planning to get together for a photo since we met at the Festival of Sin, which was months ago in February, but only last week did we manage to get our acts together and meet up for a photo. 
Her blog provides more details about the discussion we had in setting up this photo lol, basically it was her idea but I was adamant in wanting a pirate kite. She offered me cupcake kites but I was a bit like a stroppy kid wanting the pirate kite! 
There you are kiddies, sometimes it pays to be a bit of a spoilt brat - sometimes it gets you what you want LOL!
Have to get excited over this outfit too!!! Sometimes, mesh and I have a bad relationship. I wear a no mod shape, long story, one that I have discussed before, but anyway it will sometimes stop me wearing mesh clothes. This sweater from Una is mesh though and it fits really well! Teamed with some leggings from SAKIDE, hair from Wasabi Pills and accessorised with a necklace from Magika (which I believe is no longer available!) and some of my favourite boots from sYs, I think this is a perfect kite flying outfit!

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  1. Yay for my pirate kite-waving friend!

    It's been great chatting to you and getting to take a picture together. I loved your outfit and I might just have to grab a pair of those boots as they rock my world.

    *big hugs*

    Vege Burger