Saturday, July 14, 2012

Your Tunes - Dream On!

Been a while since I had time to play with this collection of photos I started working on AGES ago... If you have no idea about the 'Your Tunes' thing that I was doing, it was a bit of a personal challenge to get myself better at taking photos and creating images to match the thoughts that were going through my head! Now that I have a decent computer, time on my hands and maybe better photography skills - though it is debatable lol - I should get back to working on this kind of picture again... I need to get my inspirational juices flowing again hehe! 
Horatio (although going by a different name back then) gave me his song choice, and I got stuck - I had no idea where I was going with the photo. The video isn't very inspiring, though I will admit that it is one of those that is kinda memorable to me, nothing cooler than seeing Aerosmith rocking a stage in their classic style! Anyway, Horatio was also the very reason that made this photograph what it is... We both wanted a photo, and I had joked that it would have to be some sexy photo of myself with two guys, I even found some gorgeous poses for such from Essential Soul, yet Horatio was the one to surprise me by buying the poses and even persuading his partner-in-crime Tee to shed some of his clothing to be my second dream dude hehe!!! 
I LOVE how this picture turned out, its slightly blurry to give that sense of a dream, and I couldn't resist the sparkly look that I overlaid it with. My sexy red lingerie from The Bishes Inc, teamed with some killer heels from N-core and pretty hair from Wasabi Pills, and I was ready to be seduced. I was like a giggling school girl as we posed for this LOL, sorry to both Tee and H for that, but thank you for posing with me guys. Love ya both lots, and for everyone else WATCH THIS SPACE there will be more pics of me with the terrible twosome to come, hehe! 
The song thing for me will be something I start again, sporadically I'd imagine, but you never know what song will come next and who I will ask... Lord alone knows what I will be doing next hehe!


  1. oh that's right enjoy while you got us at ur beckon call mmhmm *winks*