Sunday, July 8, 2012

52WOCC2 - Week 28

Another week, another blue tone... We seem to have had lots of blues this time around so far! I absolutely loved working with red last week, such a bright splash of red to get the creative juices pumping, but another blue this week caused me trouble! I sighed, I threw open my wardrobe, and then as with every week I stood scratching my head for at least half hour wondering what I would wear before closing the doors and going off to do something different for a while. This week though, once I found the dress I wanted to wear I still had to ask Fledge for an idea of what I could do with it LOL... Luckily she came to my rescue!
This outfit prompted a HUGE laughing fit, I really needed one of those but afterwards my stomach muscles hurt a bit and I think Hell thought I had gone insane! Basically, a lot of our SL family are non-human, we have an interesting collection of dragons, furries, werewolves, and other random magical folk (that's really compressing the list and Fledge may tell me off lol - but if I had listed everything this would be a MASSIVE post hehe!) Anyway, I think it was my first or possibly second rezday, Suzari, the black panther of the family, told me to hold out my hand and promptly coughed a large black fur ball into it! I was able to trade the fur ball in at the time for one black Zoobies kitten, who spent many years roaming my SL homes. However, as I was putting together the look that Fledge had suggested would work with the dress, I realised I wanted some big furry buttons, upon searching through my inventory I stumbled upon the fur ball that Suz had given me, I had tucked it away as a memory for 5ish years (if it was a real fur ball it would be toxic by now lol). It worked but was a bit big, and due to the fact it was no mod and no copy, I needed to see if Suz could give me one with different perms, so I put a message somewhere it would be seen... My Gtalk status... In the end I didn't use the fur ball, but that is my epic funny story of the week!
Week 28 - Astronaut Blue
Week 28: A Romantic Pierrot look for me, Thanks Fledge!
What is she wearing; 
Hair: Yulicie – Want 
Skin: The Hidey Spot - Vera Skin in Crimson Pale 
Eye Make-Up: KOSH - Exile Duo Eyeshadow in Silver sky, AND, Sassy Kitty Designs (now SAKIDE) - Pierrot MakeUp 
Mouth Rose: KOSH - Crying Rose in red 
Neck Ruffles: A Little Circus - Pierrot Costume Pierrot-eri (FREEBIE but retextured - ty Fledge for the lace and the location of this costume!) 
Dress: paper.doll - Peyton in frozen 
Fluffy Buttons: Fluff from a shirt sleeve I edited myself
Ring: Maxi Gossamer - Gigi Shimmer Bow 
Pose: STaTUS - Glammah Shotz 3 

I had no idea what to do with the background of this picture, when you look for Pierrot images it either seems to be showing the clown in a very gothic style with ruins and the like, or on a plain pretty background. I went with the pretty, sparkly as you can see and dropped a few pretty layers over the top to make it look kinda whimsical! I love the way that this turned out, never did I think I'd love blue LOL, but I think it is just pretty - I am biased however hehe! 
Next Week - Persian Rose


  1. haha rudh i loved to read your whole story from this week. super! big smile again here in rl. And the picture is awesome.

  2. So pretty! It's worked really well and I love the skin, and the sparkles, and the contrast of the blue and red with the rose. I think you've pretty much covered our family basics, I guess demons is another major group you left out since Kage, myself and GC habitually wear those, but we needn't go into everything I put on because folks only need to look at my colour posts to see you couldn't possibly list Fledge avatars!

  3. From furballs to pierrots LOL. You made me grin with this post :)

  4. love the fur balls Great story <3 it

  5. Adorable, just like you! If only we could cough up furballs and trade them in for pets. LOL

    loves ya!

  6. aw. weird underwater clown/tango dancer? Cool!