Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Down at the Swamp - Ribbet Ribbet!

I logged into SL yesterday to a really lovely IM from a stranger. SpaceCase Munster, owner of my new personal Bible blog - Virtual Vagabond, sent me a message to say that she'd randomly discovered my blog and she really enjoyed reading it! *waves to SpaceCase* I am totally and utterly flattered, I know that I have a few friends who read my ramblings but to hear from a complete stranger that they enjoyed reading what I have to say made me feel really good. It brought a huge smile to my face ALL DAY hehe!!! 
After meeting her and reading her awesome blog that is stuffed full of freebies, I had to create a picture to show off my favourite item that I had picked up in the huge freebie collecting session that her blog sparked! 
This frog comes from a store I'd never heard of called Stray Pig, and it is a store packed full of mesh animal tiny avatars and cute fun toys! I was in heaven LOL, they have a wall of lucky boards that have a myriad of cute cuddly things, and the frog you can see me sitting on in the photo above! He's MESH, and he comes with a raining leaf, that I decided to pose without! I have one of their plushie Crocodiles in my hand too, I won that on the roulette game, worse than a gacha machine that thing but I got lucky getting the one I wanted first try!!
You should take a look at SpaceCase's blog - Virtual Vagabond - there are tones of random fun freebies, all with store links, so you never miss the random fun that can be found in SL... I'll be watching the blog religiously from now on! I don't wanna miss anything!

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  1. I'm glad ... so glad ... you like the frog ... *sniggers*