Sunday, July 1, 2012

52WOCC2 - Week 27

Oh my word, yesterday I was busy!! I had so much to do, including some RL boringness, a movie shoot with Mayala, Fledge's Party and Horatio's AC/DC Concert - all of which I am sure will be posted or mentioned in the next few days lol... Who doesn't love sharing their fun stuff? I mean now I have started uploading things more to Flickr, yet not sure when things will go up LOL, as my blog is and will always be my main focus, but Flickr is easy to use and although I avoided using it for a long while I should use it now I have it! One of those I didn't want it but was made to get it for Seraphim type legacies LOL! 
Still Colour Rudh, focus on the colour lol... I love red, whether it's bright or dark, so long as it doesn't get to pale and venture into the realm of the REALLY EVIL Pink range lol. I had said to a couple of the awesome colourettes that I would include HUGE boobs and rhubarb in this post, but they are missing - sorry Nic and Liz, I will try to get things into a post at a later date - although on the other side of things my SL boobs are pretty big anyway! I did have a lot of choice for the outfit this week, I had to ask Fledge if she thought MaccieD's French Fries or Merry-Go-Round would be a better look... Shouldn't really have asked, she told me what I already knew - Merry-Go-Rounds are always going to get her vote over McDonalds lol! So this week we head back to the fair... 
Week 27 - Cadmium Red
Week 27: You spin me right round baby right round LOL classic tune!
What is she wearing; 
Hair: Ploom - Aidyn
Choker: Panda Express - Plastick Princess
Necklace: LiNe - Gia Necklace
Dress: Diavolicious - Carnaval de Cirque (Not sure if this is still available!)
Bracelet: GaNKeD - Rocklove
Ring: Maxi Gossamer - Gigi Shimmer Bow
Boots: Ladies Who Lunch - Escarpa Boots
Pose: WetCat - Colour Block (freebie) 

LOL I wanted to say something here about going for a ride up and down, but that sounded so wrong when I typed it I deleted the comment straight away!!! Any comments about up and down will be accepted and laughed at LOL... Let the innuendos begin!
Next week -Astronaut Blue


  1. WOW ... so much red in the morning ... let's me run for a very creamy coffee to relax my eyes ... ... well by looking at it, of course ...
    But red sure suits you well ...
    and yeah ... if I can stop my blonde moments, the new clip should be ready for the cinemas near you pretty soon ... no time for another year ;-)
    and what's that with the UP & DOWN ... nothing wrong with that ;-) ... on a fair like that ... *grins*
    and *hugs*

  2. With that dress, you look kind of like a merry-go-round yourself, there, Rudh. Brilliant shot :)

  3. I love this look on you, it's stunning and fun which suits you perfectly!

  4. I'm not sure we need to add any innuendo to a post that already contains boobs with rhubarb ;)
    Awesome outfit! It's Rudh at her best :)

  5. Oh wow you found the most amazing background, that is brilliant, look at you balancing on a pony like a real circus girl lol - and in mega platforms too!! I see some Ganked jewellery there on your wrist... You really rock that dress, awesome pic!

    (And next week... urgh not another freaking blue seriously I might start with the Grendels avies again.)

  6. haha i realy was interested if you would do big boobs for fun in this post lol.. but i have patience ... and this post is so brilliant full of red... you totally rocked the colour Rudh

  7. Aw I feel just like Maya LOL so much red to wake up to! But very pretty pic and pose you look great Rudhie!

  8. Circus/Fair ground chic? a new sl trend possibly. Creative, funny and so very red, you are a girl of many talents Ms Rudh :)