Sunday, July 15, 2012

Wearing A Bandana, Saving For A Wig!

The World and it's mother are all trying to descend into the Hair Fair this weekend, and I will say that I count myself as lucky for being able to have gotten in, grabbed all the hair I wanted and gotten out intact without killing anyone or wishing too many people in overly primmed and laggy attire would crash! 
I wasn't gonna TP anywhere once I was inside, I ran at the sim borders - a bit like a crazy lemming may drop off a cliff, it was that dangerous! I didn't know whether I'd make it across, but after many attempts I could usually get across the borders! 
Anyway, I got my hair, I bought 6 styles in total - 2 Wasabi Pills, 2  Exile, 1 Ploom and although they are kinda linked store-wise 1 Deviant Kitties Style. I was majorly surprised to see DK on offer, I don't know if the brand is being brought back or what, but I squealed like a kid at Christmas... I used to love their hair and maybe that's why I was so easily suckered into falling in love with Ploom?! OH and FREEBIES, don't forget the freebies! The Ohmai Balloon Hat rocked my socks!! Still, I have no doubt that these styles will be shown all over my blog at some point, and they are likely to be on countless blogs all over the place, but in this post I decided to show my support for the Bandana Creators. 
This bandana was created by my newly adopted sister, Morgana Hilra - from her blog SoHawtSL. Morgi has been someone I've known for a while, and I think she rocks! She takes great photos and will not only compliment but also share her criticisms of things, in a professional and honest way without any drama or bitchiness! Her blog is so worth a read, if you haven't read it before. She made a bandana along with a collection of other designers, that are on sale for 50L each at the Hair Fair. When you think about it, 50L isn't a lot - first you look awesome running around the event and second, and more importantly, you are donating 50L to such a worthy cause - Wigs For Kids is such a worthwhile charity in my book. I was gonna put in a quote from her why I donated a bandana note card that comes with the purchase, but I think if you wanna read her thoughts, you should buy the bandana, or buy one of the many other designs to choose from!
If you wanted to see what was on offer though, I really suggest joining the Hair Fair Demo Group, or at least checking out the Seraphim coverage - Lashae did a fantastic job of covering the event. Yet at the end of the day, even if you only find one style or one bandana that you like, isn't it worth fighting the lag for?

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