Thursday, July 19, 2012

Three Days Down, Time To Breathe!

Well, technically my first week at work is over - although I know that it is only half way through the week - being part-time I'm only in Monday through Wednesday and have a lovely long 4 day weekend! When all is said and done I'm working less than I am spending time at home, but hey the pay is good and I am out there meeting new people for a few days a week, I have nothing to complain about really?!
Work is going really well, maybe that is because I am only three days in and it hasn't had a chance to go stale in my head yet, but there are so many new things to learn that I find my head is spinning! Not only do you have to learn the job specifics when you start, the things that would normally be really simple, such as how the coffee machine works, seem to take on a whole new level of complexity! Still, my new colleagues seem really nice, and there are lots of laughs in the office as well as the moments of peace and quiet, so I think I will be fairly happy there! 
This picture kinda reflects my mood today to some extent, it has a feeling of peace and calm before the storm (although technically that should be after the storm, but things never look so pretty when a storm has blown through hehe), I got home last night feeling a little wiped out, and sat in the giant LISP Umbrella as I was chatting with the people I had barely seen but normally talk to every day - getting withdrawal symptoms already lol - I just happened to magically line up this shot and then did a little happy dance of glee!!! Photos like this NEVER happen to me LOL!
Now I am free again, there may be more posting to come LOL... Watch this space!!!

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  1. Oh yay awesome pic, it's lovely when you can get really nice shots of your own land and makes all the effort of setting it up worthwhile :) I've often been known to just sit in a nice location soaking it in and not even chatting...