Wednesday, July 11, 2012

A Photo Full Of Apprehension

I am not good with that feeling of having to sit and wait for something. I never have been, I was always terrible at Christmas time for example - I knew that Santa was coming, and my sister and I would be trying to go into see our parents as early as 3am on Christmas mornings in some cases when we were very little!
Yesterday was one of those times when the waiting game had me twitchy, on-edge and generally cranky, but let me rewind a little. 
About a week ago I'd had an interview for a company that Hell's RL Partner-in-Crime's Girlfriend worked for. It is an international company and they were seeking English people to work in the department to handle the English data. When I went in, I was a little disappointed to find out the line manager who was supposed to interview me was sick in hospital - I don't blame this person for being away, but I had a sinking feeling in the pit of my stomach. This had happened before and I hadn't heard any more from the company. Yet I sat with the head of HR for an hour, and left feeling pleasantly optimistic whilst trying to stop myself from being too hopeful. 
I was called in for another interview a couple of days later, which was then postponed, and the feeling in the pit of my stomach got bigger and more all encompassing. Finally, yesterday I went in for a second interview. The same guy was still sick, so I was introduced to one of the company's TOP DOGS (you couldn't get any higher than this guy unless you went to the American HQ!) - that was it I became a bundle of nerves, yet he just wanted an informal chat about my C.V. Seemed like it was a bit of a character test as it turns out. He told me he felt positive about my attitude, and all the things I said seemed to have ticked all the boxes, but I left still feeling totally unsure.
When I got off the bus as I neared home, I heard a familiar voice coming from the local building site's radio. I have been a huge fan of Take That since I was 8, they are one of the skeletons in my music lovers closet so to speak, lol. The line of the song, the first that I heard yesterday was "I've been feeling your frustration, but any minute all the pain will stop" - from the song Patience, and I have admitted to not being very superstitious, but it just felt a bit eerie to hear that from one of my favourite songs, and how easily the particular line fitted with my current situation. 
Well Take That you were right, this afternoon when I answered the phone I was offered the job! I barely managed to put the phone down before I burst into tears - a weird mix of elation and shock kicked in. This could be the silver lining that Hell and I have been looking for. This could mean I can pull myself up from the cliff edge I've been clinging to. 


  1. congratz :-) ... I wish you all the best for your new job :-)


    They'd have been morons not to offer you the job, so cheers for common sense and many congratulations to you!!!