Friday, July 13, 2012

I Want A Booshie!

I want a Booshie, but Hell won't let me! I'm sure I've mentioned this before, but today it has come to my attention AGAIN because I found the most awesomest freebies ever hehe! 
I'd seen people wearing the brown "Urpy" Booshie, in numerous photographs on blogs recently, and wanted one. HellBone refuses to let me have pets that I would need to feed. We used to have chickens, the first type of breedable pets that were available in SL, and we must have spent a small fortune on them.
However, I am rambling again lol, I went to the Booshies Store to purchase one of the brown ones, and as I was camming around I noticed a cute but hidden sculptie paw print. Turns out this was a hunt prize for the Cover My Furry Butt Hunt 2, so I won't tell you where it is, but rest assured it isn't too hard to spot. The prize was the BLUE URPY that is sitting around my neck in the photo! I was happy dancing like a crazy lady, adorable and free - what more could I ask for?
I'll tell you what more I could ask for... The Freebie Display Booshies, that's what more I could ask for LOL! At the front of the store where a display is set up to show about the way the Booshies work, is a box containing display Booshies. Now, these are not animated, but hey they are free and will help me feed my Booshie habit until maybe one day HellBone will give in and let me have one! Until then I'm gonna enjoy my display Booshies and hope that someone has one of the little Rhino ones (which aren't included in the box) I can enjoy too!!!

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